Anxiety is no one favorite thing. You never wake up and say, “You know, I sincerely hope my day is so insane that I can barely handle it.” Well, hopefully you don’t do that. I know I surely don’t.

As someone who struggles on a daily basis with an anxiety disorder, I can attest to how important it is to find ways to calm down and de-stress. Being a wife and mother can sometimes be detrimental to an already shaky mental state, but that, by no measure, means that you can stop putting forth effort in those endeavors. Instead, you have to go out of your way to discover pathways to peace.

Personally, as a mom, I know how difficult it is to get a moment to yourself, especially if your husband works full time and on an odd schedule, like mine. Every now and then, just take a deep  breath and tell your significant other that you need a break. If they’re anything like my fantastic husband, they’ll take the reins so you can take your step back.

Below, I’m going to list a few of my favorite things that help me chill and get back to my normal “kick @$$ mama bear” state.

Stay Positive | I know that this one will probably seem like the hardest one to accomplish, but it’s also the most paramount. This was particularly grueling for me. I spent several months with “stay positive, smile, stay positive, smile” as my personal mantra. I think that it’s now safe to say I did pretty well in that venture.

Meditate | Sitting in a quiet, cool room for at least ten to fifteen minutes and thoroughly clearing your mind of all obstacles is certainly one of the better options in this department.

Unplug | Just accept it. An addiction to your cell phone and/or social media does absolutely nothing to stick clear of stress. Every now and then, shut your phone/tablet/computer off for a while and take a break.

Go for a Walk | For this, I suggest somewhere nice and pretty, even if you have to take a short drive first. However, just a walk around the block isn’t a bad idea either.

Listen to Music | I prefer simple indie, or maybe even some nature sounds when I’m trying to de-stress. Needless to say, avoid music such a death metal, screamo, etc. It wouldn’t be very helpful.

Take a Nap | I’m not one to suggest “sleeping your problems away”, but a little catnap to restart your system never hurt.

Take a Hot Bath | Now, this is one of my preferred methods. Of course, I usually pair it with music and a glass of Moscato. Perfect for this mama.

Don’t Over-Plan | I struggle with this one quite a bit. I love to plan, make lists, and be on top of everything. I often have to remind myself that the world will keep spinning, I don’t have to tell it to do so.

A few other methods consist of :


Visit Someone You Care About

Yoga (the Eagle Pose, Especially)


Get a Massage

Breathe Deeply


Eat a (Healthy) Snack


The credit for the above photo goes to myself. It was taken at sunset on Lake Dardanelle in Arkansas.

This article was originally posted at my blog, Fruitful Euphoria.

Published by Kylee Ellis