Ladies and gentleman get your pitchforks out and be ready for some controversy. There is no way that this post will be as controversial as the one I did on Prince having AIDS, but the conversation will be stirred a little. Abortion is one of those issues, where you already know where you stand and nothing will change your mind, except maybe your own life experience. Apparently nobody told The Middle star Patricia Heaton that though. The Emmy winner tweeted out a message about being Pro-Life and the internet is having a meltdown over it.

So as we all know by now, social media is not always a celebrities friend. It can get people into a lot of trouble, but it also gives us naked pictures of hot guys so it all works out. Patricia Heaton decided to use her platform to promote Northwest Center. From what I can gather from their Facebook page, they are a charitable organization that helps mothers keep their babies. Here is the tweet that has caused so much controversy: "Choose, celebrate, support Life! Thanks Northwest Center!" Simple, elegant and yes Pro-life. 

Why does this surprise people? From what I know of Ms. Heaton, she is a very outspoken Republican/Conservative (sorry Sarah, I still don't know the difference). While I never gave her stance on such things much thought, it does stand to reason that she does not believe in abortion. There are people who are saying that she should have kept her opinion to herself and are threatening to boycott her show. There are too many things wrong with this but let me start with the boycott. By boycotting her show, you are not only hurting her but the other cast and crew members of that show. Also why would you want to ruin her career over a disagreement? If I ruined the career of every person I have had a disagreement with, I would have no time to write. 

While personally I do not agree with Patricia, I respect her right to have it and voice it. As human beings, that is something that we should all do. The best things about her tweet is that there was no disrespecting the people who are pro-choice. Rather she asked that life be celebrated. Why in the world is she getting slack for that? Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't get flack every time he talks about Global Warming. Nobody threatens to boycott his movies, instead he is nominated/wins an Oscar. Not only does Patricia deserve the same treatment but she should be praised for not resorting to nasty rhetoric to get her point across. 

Ms. Heaton I salute you, even if I disagree with your position. 

Published by Ed Anderson