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I have a unique taste in music, one of my biggest genre of my music library on Spotify is called my Mood Mix, this is basically every song that I have listened to, loved, repeatedly had a moment when  I heard that song or have a good or bad memory to that I need to hear, I don't categorise my music in any other way, so as I'm sure you can wonder how Paul Manner's wonderful new song 'I Adore' came into that category. 

I don't want Britain's Got Talent as much as I used to, in brutal honesty I didn't watch Paul Manners being on there, I am not ashamed or against the program, but these days my main tv focus is much more on Youtube. 

But it's not something i wasn't aware of, I seen tabloids and headlines and all sorts about Paul Manners, I don't pay much close attention to the famous world but I do read the off magazine when I am in the mood.  

However earlier last year I did watch Paul Manners on Judge Rinder and my eyes balled up with tears at the episode and I can see such genuine heart put into Paul's music now.

If you sit closely and listen carefully each word sung in 'I Adore' has such warmth and loving meaning, it can easily make you see the soul behind the voice, I honestly melted when I heard the song the first time, the music reminds me of Cher's 'believe' but in a much more uniquely tasteful way, I crumbled and danced very hard the first time and the other hundred times after that when I hear the music.

Paul's music is so much in need of more credit, the talent behind should not be shadowed over by everyone else who is in much bigger times with their music career, I also know that its people like Paul,  Hobbie Stuart, Gabriella Lindley, all of these people who have much smaller limelight but have stuck their truth and down to earth routes in their music that they need much more focus to. 

Paul's single 'I adore" is beautifully written, great to dance to, even better yet just awesome to listen to.

If you haven't picked up your ears and begun to hear it for yourself, go ahead and get ahold of more of his music and his single 'I Adore' here on iTunes:


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Photo was taken from Paul Manner's Twitter @paulm_official  - No copyright or anything else intended.

Published by Viccie Hughes