"I'm disappointed in the Court's decision. But our fight to protect women's health & promote life will not stop here."

Paul Ryan is disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling of a Texas abortion access law that would make it more difficult for women to obtain an abortion, shutting down a majority of women’s clinics? Well Paul Ryan, I was disappointed when you refused to address the Democrat’s gun control bills; I was disappointed when you attacked the EPA’s Clean Water Rule; I was disappointed when you voted to ban same-sex marriage; I was disappointed when you voted 'yes' on longer sentences for juvenile crimes; I was disappointed when you released a statement supporting fracking; I was disappointed when you ended up backing Donald Trump. The list is endless but let’s just save the little time we have left since your policies seem to have a theme of shortening the life spans of many Americans.

Remember when you said, “We will not duck the tough issues. We will take them head on.” Well, I remember. Since you have uttered that fraudulent statement, you have hardly followed through. The immediate dismissal of the House Democrats was cringey to watch, the attack on the EPA’s Clean Water Rule after the Flint, Michigan crisis really shows how much you don’t care about providing citizens with clean, drinkable water, the vote to ban same sex marriage truly magnifies your inability to separate state and church, your vote on longer sentencing for juvenile crimes reveals your lack of belief in second chances, your support of killing the environment is just idiotic, and backing a misogynist, racist, imbecile for president in order to advance your party’s agenda is just disgusting.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but as Speaker of the House, you are sickening. You claim to be disappointed in the court’s ruling, protecting women’s healthcare, but I am disappointed– in you.

Published by Yvonne Lieu