The other day, mommy and I went on an adventure. We took our longest walk yet! I like to go on walks and see new things. It’s fun and exciting.

Happy baby in a stroller

Adventure time!

Our first stop was the yard. Mommy let me touch plants! They are so green and some of them smell nice. I like to pull the leaves off and put them in my mouth. Mommy doesn’t like that and she takes my leaves away. That’s ok. I’ll just grab another leaf on our way out of the yard.

Then we went around the block. I like the rocking motion of my stroller as we go down the sidewalk. I find it very soothing. What I don’t like is the sun in my face. It’s so blindingly bright! Mommy tries to make shade for me but it doesn’t always work. It’s upsetting when we turn a corner, and suddenly the sun hits my face and makes my eyes feel all squinty. It’s always unexpected and catches me off guard.

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We went to the park where the big kids play. They were running around and making a lot of noise. Mommy says that one day I’ll be running around like that too. Me? With my feet on the ground? That looks rather unhygienic. I put those feet in my mouth!

Then we went to the restaurant to pick up some take-out for dinner. There were so many strange smells in there. Mommy said those were the smells of food. I’m not sure that mommy is right about that. I didn’t smell any oatmeal in there at all.

Baby sleeping in a stroller

I’ll just close my eyes for a minute.

Mommy said it was time to head home. I was starting to get tired myself, so I agreed. All this walking is exhausting! We were quite a way from home and I was starting to worry that I didn’t have the energy to make it all the way there. I closed my eyes for just a minute to calm myself and gather my thoughts. Next thing I know, I felt mommy lifting me out of my stroller and carrying me into the house. I wonder how mommy got us home so fast.

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