Pelvic floor incontinence is really a painful condition. Here, we are providing a professional guide regarding incontinence with its causes. Among its different types, the common one is stress incontinence.

Let’s look at these incontinences!

Stress Incontinence

In this concern, there arises a little bit of urine release during coughing, sneezing, and laughing. This condition also arises when lifting any heavy thing. In regards, when the pressure is felt on the abdomen, it enhances stress and causes incontinence. Women commonly feel this condition more than men.

Urge Incontinence

In this condition, your bladder remains overactive and you constantly need a bathroom. Unexpected and quick urination is the result of this concern.


In this condition, the patient gets up for pee in middle of night even when you aren’t able to go for toilet. This condition occurs commonly in older patients. For older patients, it is better to work on a ketogenic diet but it is recommended to consult with a urogynecologist to seek ketogenic diet benefits and risks.

Painful Urination

This is another painful condition where burning is felt during urination. It is due to an infection in urinary tract that causes urine to arise.

Women felt all or one of these problems that really make them difficult to work with proficiency.


There present two causes that lead to incontinence. Here are they!

  • Due to hormonal change that arises when age increases
  • Lifestyle changes or unhealthy routine cause persons especially women to face incontinence more frequently.

Other Causes That Lead Incontinence!

Dietary Issues

Food plays an emerging in making any person’s life well and worse too. In old age, work on a diet is essential. For this, various drinks such as alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks can make incontinence worse. If you neglect these things in your life, then you will see bigger changes that impact on the life quality you are living and you want to live.

Meanwhile, food allergies can also lead to incontinence. So, if you have allergic issues, then do let urogynecologist now it to make a better eye on your case.


Frequent pregnancies create wear and tear in pelvic floor that leads incontinence. This sort of issues commonly arises in women of above 40. So, don’t neglect this factor as it also leads to urinary incontinence.

Genetic Makeup

Genetic makeup is another issue that plays a role in developing incontinence. All things such as collagen and musculature can affect persons’ healthy routine. It is recommended to not neglect any factor that can lead to incontinence.

Hormonal Decrease!

As our age increase, hormones start to decrease naturally in men and women both. This condition leads to menopause that go wrong further in form of incontinence.

Final Thoughts!

The best thing to make yourself healthy is care. Don’t neglect even a minor factor that can become worse to affect your healthy life. This is also in case of incontinence. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, do consult with a urogynecologist rater working on your own with any recommended guide.

Published by Julia Morison