The whole reason why I went to Philadelphia to begin with back in 2004 was because I happened to see a great deal on a flight there and neither I nor my husband had been there, so we decided to go for it.   After I booked our tickets and was making arrangements for a long weekend, I noticed that there just happened to be a half marathon going on while we would be visiting, so I signed up and started training.  

 I still didn’t have the intention of running a half marathon in every state at this point, mind you.  Anyway, I ran the Philadelphia Distance Run and it was the largest race to date for me with almost 7300 runners that day.  Hurricane Ivan had just rolled by and portions of the course were flooded the day before causing officials to devise an alternate route.  However, the day of the race, the weather was great for running- no rain and nice temps but a bit warm by the finish.  This was the first half marathon for me where all runners received a medal for finishing.  For my first few half marathons beginning in 2000 medals just weren’t handed out to all finishers, but by 2004, it had become standard.  And if any of you that are familiar with Philly are wondering, yes, we ran past the “Rocky Steps” at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and yes, it was pretty cool.

I don’t have a terribly long entry in my post-race notes, but here’s what I wrote:

“Great course along some famous icons of Philly and river. Fun course. Mostly flat. Great volunteers and crowds.  Finish time of 2:00:31.”

As far as I can tell, the Philadelphia Distance Run no longer exists.   

There is now a Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in its place.

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