People who changed the World is a collection of Historically important people whose impact has changed the past, present and future for all of humanity. From scientific discoveries and inventions, courage and bravery or just a random accident, the changes fostered in by these Men and Women are still affecting our lives today.

While the presentation of this book was wonderful there were some minor errors. The text contained some typos, grammatical errors and missing words.

When it came to the more well-known people featured in this book there wasn't really any unknown facts or photographs revealed, which was a little disappointing. I did find it extremely interesting learning about lesser known men and women and their accomplishments.

Each historical figure presented in this book has an allocated two pages of information and images. From Walt Disney to Adolf Hitler this book has covered a wild selection of influential people throughout history.

With the limited text this book serves as a nice introduction to the lives of important people and how their lives impacted the world we live in.

This book would be great for children and teens. With enough information to spark interest yet not too much to induce boredom.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker