We always wonder what it really means to be perceptive about one's environment, do we stand to gain a lot more information than present through perceptive mastery? The short answer to the long question is no, perceptive insight has more to do with re-utilizing the basic information that is gained from insight. It has a lot more to do with deduction and the fields that support it. Deduction itself is a mystery, to gain enough insight to be able to make logically acceptable assumptions from looking at an object for a few seconds is a farce. Yes Sherlock Holmes did it, but then again just because person A has a skill doesn't mean that person B can replicate the same skill through the same knowledge base.

I've always been a fanboy of deduction but I find it a delicate balance in reality. Deduction cannot solely guide you to discovery and understanding, it does take empiricism and a hint of perspective to be able to successfully judge situations and comprehend your part to play in them. It would be simple to say that solely understanding is enough to pass through scenarios and feel a sense of comprehension, alas, it is not that case because there are a lot of dynamic variable that interact with our reasoning. To be blatantly honest, quite a few of the Sherlock-esque escapades were delusional reconstructions of minor success in the field of deduction; I do not mean to belittle the theory or the process but I intend to make sure that there is no media effect distorting the true efficacy of such a theory due to the subjective nature of the written experiences that became better known as the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the great detective of Scotland Yard.

In my younger days, truly said like an old man, the vague theory of deduction gave me a lot of hope for my pursuits regarding intelligence and experience in life. I kept thinking that maybe if I apply myself enough to my reality and experience it to the fullest, I would truly be a master of the deductive, inductive and reductive processes. Which to this day, I cannot successfully answer without a hint of self-doubt, part of me wants to say that I understand the broader theories of deduction and induction but then again the honest humanoid in me wants to accept that one can never fully fathom anything due to its rapidly changing nature; Change is a constant, I recall saying earlier. 

Deductively looking at my own decision making, I can say that I've strayed as far away from the core principles of the theory that I thought would govern my life and interactions for a long time. But if I was to look at it subjectively, I'd say that its the happiest I've been in a long time, I've learnt that you can't let one theory solely govern your interactions and your life. Instead, one must exist as a combination of theories that apply to them, one must constantly expand their myriad set of theories that help them comprehend the complex world around them. 

My brother and I decided that we'd post our first blogs on this new platform today but this is the first blog I've worked on for more than a month, combining countless thoughts and individual experiences into a log that should suffice. So here's to new beginnings.

Published by Tushar Ahal