1Peter 3 Not too many years ago coffee was made in a percolator but today it is the instant coffee maker for many. To use the percolator, you had to measure both water and ground coffee; finagle all of the working parts together and sit and wait while it did its job. Then wash each part and return to wait another day when you repeat the process all over again!  Not for the faint of heart! Today, punch a button, wait a minute and out comes one instant coffee cup perfectly brewed. No mess, no fuss, and you are ready to brew another cup. You can even choose different flavors---who would’ve guessed!

But even instant coffee makers have to be cleaned. The manufacturer enlightens you to that fact by a little light that appears saying “clean me.” If you don’t the coffee maker is hindered from doing its best work.  

Relationships between wives and husbands, friends and co-workers, are like the old-fashioned percolators, not the instant coffee makers. They need the old fashioned TLC (tender lovin’ care) to operate at full performance. Peter addresses the wives first and then the husband. Just as it is the percolator’s inward working parts that will bring forth a delicious cup of coffee so the inward heart of the wife/husband relationship will bring forth inward beauty to be savored. And the principle applies to friends, co-workers etc. 

If you want good relationships it takes work and working together your prayers will not be hindered.

The design of the coffee pot is to brew a great cup of coffee. God’s design for our lives is to win and gain souls for Christ. Without coffee grounds, you have no coffee. Without harmony, sympathy, affection, compassion, and humility you have no godly relationships.



Published by Gaye Austin