When I think of color I think of freedom, every color in itself reflects off of light creating a better picture. Whether it be green, red, blue, orange white even black. As if we as people reflect from Gods Light; and with doing so creating a portrait so gracefully placed in existences, that without his magnifying light shining down upon us; our portrait could never prevail into the divine destiny he has set ahead for us. You see all colors of his craft were created to bond together and progress in growth for the whole portrait to be complete. With lack of or division this portrait would not reflect its true beauty at hand. In the bible Jesus never spoke of color. Truthfully he never mentioned it; only in reference to himself. Because regardless of our outside appearance, he sees the blood we bleed, because with Jesus’s blood we were bought. If we focused on what he looked like verses what he provides us, would you all be saved?

Then why as humans, we focus on a skin tone that with in time will change, fade, or soon be destroyed. He never focused on the body’s he has provide us, because what is more important is in a deeper more venerable place. Flesh is just a cover over that keeps every precious thing about life in its wrap’s. Our souls and hearts are Gods greatest possessions. Without these things we would be just as we are, worthless. Yet with his love, compassion and mercy his light he shines down on his greatest creation of all. A free will of everlasting life; so let’s not allow the devil to deceive what the Good Lord has already prevailed. We all have a divine purpose under the umbrella of faith. Don’t be discouraged. Yet encouraged that what God has made good once before, he will soon again.


 I love you all, and remember Jesus loves you so much more! God bless!


Cierra N Crews

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews