Looking for best iOS emulator for Android? Then you should try our the Cider APK. In my opinion, the Cider apk is the best iOS emulator for android which provides excellent features and supports extinct list of apps. When I first knew about this app, I was in astonishment. And I loved using the app because of the feel and look the app provides us. There are few more apps to run iOS apps in android, but the Cider app is just the one with so many compatibility options. Today I will be going to provide you a little info on the same and share you how you can run any iOS apps in your Android device. So stay connected and tuned.

What is Cider APK?

Essentially, it is an emulator app which converts your Android device into an iOS. You can enjoy the real feel of iOS. Using the Cider app, you can run any iOS applications on your android device. There are few similar apps to cider but the functionality is different, and features are less then cider.

To run iPhones application in android, you don't have to pay anything. You will get everything free.  To run the app in your Android device, you need to comply with the minimum requirements.

Here are the requirements:

You need 512MB of RAM  and must have Android version: 4.0 and higher with minimum disk space required of 3 GB.

If you have this in your device, then you do not need to worry about lag.  So before downloading or installing Cider app, please make sure to have minimum requirements in your device.

Now look at the features below and then decide whether to download or not.


Features Of Cider APP:

  • 100% free.
  • Install any iOS app.
  • High Graphics and same feel of iOS.
  • 100% secure and tested by developers & users around the globe.
  • Support extent devices.
  • Better than alternatives.


These are some of the features of the cider app, for more you need to explore it. I am keeping it surprise for you. I really love the app because of its functionality and the feel which this app give. After installing the app, you can even play your favorite iOS game. In my case, I'd love to try the clash of clans games, and it's servers in iOS. You can choose yours.

Now moving to the downloading part and then the installation part. After that, please share me your feedback in the comments below.

How to Download & Install the Cider APP in Android Device?

Before getting into deep, I'd make you aware; the app is not available in Android play store. But there are many other legit sources where you can download the mod. So it's your choice to go for it or not. But yes, if you download it from my given source, then you get the perfect app.

In the very first you need to download the file. To download the file go on Google.com and search for the term "Cider APK DroidBull."  Then after that, look at the download button over there and download the file.

Now for the installation part, you need to first enable the installation from an unknown source which you will get in your Android setting and then security settings.

As I already mentioned, the app is not in the Play store, and the Android device doesn't allow installation from an external source. So it is necessary to enable it.

Enable that option and then install the app. Rest you are expert enough to explore the app. And by the way, I have skipped this for you to explore it.

Guys, hope you enjoyed the guide and I hope you gonna try this method. If in case you need any help in the above guide then please do comment below. I will be happy to help you with your problem. Please share the post if you like the app and the guide. 

Published by Joseph Nicholls