For me perfection is when you know you’re going to the right direction. It’s when you’ve figured out who you are, what you want and when you finally understand why things that happened to you in the past happened. When you think of that ‘worst moment/day/year’ of your life and think, “Thank god that happened.” because you know that without it, you wouldn’t be as happy as you are now.

Perfection is when your life is in sync. Your career, relationships and everything else is flowing.

Perfection is hard for everyone to see.

Perfection is when we have those minor arguments with the people that we love but know deep down that everything will be okay. We know that no matter what happens, those family members, friends and whoever else is important to us are staying in our lives. We don’t notice that our life is finally perfect but our heart knows. It knows because we’re in that place in our life where we feel comfortable about sharing ourselves 100% with another human being. It’s when even though we are not happy all day everyday, we are happy everyday.

Perfection is not being rich or being famous, it’s the most simple part. Simple yet the biggest. It’s when we have all the things that matter. Our loved ones and dreams and ourselves working together to make everything work.


Published by charize santiago