There was an awards show on television last week and in the paper the next day there were many articles and videos of the performances by the star studded lineup.  Most of the audience stood and cheered after each performance.

    I looked performance up in the dictionary.  It means

“carrying out of a promise, duty.”  I think this explains many of the problems in the entertainment business today.  The people are doing little more than carrying out a promise or a duty to their fans.

    I love to play my guitar and sing.  I sing in church, seniors’ homes, parks, just about anywhere I can set up and sing.  I do not sing to the people there.  I sing to God and encourage them to draw close to Him as I sing.  I do not sing out of a promise or a duty.  I sing because I want to and I enjoying singing to Him.

    Psalms 135:3 says, “ Praise the LORD; for the LORD is good: sing praises unto His name; for it is pleasant.”  (KJV) We need to be careful that nothing in our life becomes a performance, for man or for God.  Everything we do should be done to praise His name for no other reason than we love Him.

Published by Ray Richards