People wear perfume and cologne to smell good. Actually, the purpose of wearing perfume and cologne goes more than just about smelling good – it also makes you feel good about yourself. Remember how proud you were when someone compliments you about wonderful you smell? It instantly boosts your confidence and you feel good all day long. 

You feel as if you can face anything – be it a tough deadline or a stressful meeting with your strict boss. For women, wearing fragrance instantly makes them feel sexy. You see, wearing perfume or cologne can stimulate your senses in ways you can’t imagine.

Did you know that fragrance is the best way to trigger memories? You smell a certain fragrance and you remember something from your distant past. You may not know it but there are certain things and situation you can associate with smell. 

We all know that the use of perfume and cologne can be traced back thousands of years ago. There might not be an exact origin where it started but samples of fragrances have been discovered in ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire. During the early days, fragrances are used in homes as a sign of nobility as it is related to hygiene and cleanliness. 

The History of Perfume and Cologne

The first person who used a perfume was a woman named Tapputi and it can be traced back to the second millennium BC. In Ancient Egypt, Egyptians made perfume by distilling natural ingredients with non-scented oils. 

The most popular fragrances were created from local flowers and fruits. In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite, goddess of love, also used perfumes and fragrances in her temple. The trend of perfume doesn’t stop at the European countries but it also swept all throughout the world – such as ancient India and Chin. Chinese used perfume to disinfect because they believed using perfume can help get rid of certain illness. 

The use of Perfume in the Early Days

During the early days, perfumes are used to perform rituals and also to use as scent baths. Fragrances are also used to enhance beauty and for anti-aging purposes. Perfumes are also used for many cultural burial practices – especially by Egyptian culture. Indeed, fragrances have come a long way. Today, perfume in the modern world becomes a popular fashion accessory. Perfumes are made out from natural and synthetic ingredients. 

Finding the right perfume and cologne scent for you

When buying perfume and cologne, it is important that you choose the perfect scent for you. Some has a light scent which can fade away too quickly while others are too strong which can choke you and the people around you. 

When choosing, remember that the higher the percentage of oil, the more concentrated the scent is and can last for longer – about six to eight hours. For lighter scent, choose a scent with less oil percentage. You can also choose scent based on the ingredients they are made of. These are fragrances that smell sweet while others smell woody – the choice is yours. 

The trend of Empty Perfume Bottle

Due to this, more and more people are investing into a nice perfume. Perfumes, like anything else, are divided into two categories – expensive perfume and not expensive. There are few tricks to make your outfit looks expensive but is there a way to smell expensive too? If you want to smell expensive, stay away from using perfumes with sweet scent. Sweet smelling ingredients tends to be cheaper than the other. However, if you have the budget, you can directly buy expensive perfumes with branded names. Expensive perfumes tend to last longer so you don’t have to apply perfume more often. 

Expensive perfume also offers distinctive and unique scent you can’t find anywhere else. Needless to say, you get the quality you deserved for your money. Not only that. Did you know that buying expensive perfume also offers you a way to get money even after the perfume is empty? Selling empty perfume bottle is quiet a trend today. How is this possible? Why are some people buying empty glass perfume bottles? Well, thanks those beauty influences on the internet. These beauty influences always love a good shelfie. They love to take a photo of something that looks luxurious. A good example is an empty perfume bottle. 

You may not know it but these people are buying empty perfume bottle to keep up with the pretense of owning expensive things – including an expensive perfume. Bloggers/vloggers and influencers always try to market themselves by making them look good by highlighting edited events of their lives. 

They do this because they want to look more attractive – so they can attract brands that may do business with them. Yes, selling empty perfume bottle won’t make you rich but it can be a nice source of pocket money for you. Instead of throwing away those expensive empty perfume bottles, sell them. You get money and you help someone market their skills and services online. 

Uses of empty perfume bottle

You can also choose not to sell your empty perfume bottles. If you invest into expensive perfume, usually they come with a unique bottle with luxurious design. You can transform them into beautiful decorations and ornament such as:

  • Paperweights

  • Reed diffusers

  • Vase

  • Oils lamps

  • Candle holders

You just have to bring out your inner creativeness. Your empty perfume bottle doesn’t need to go to the trash right away because they can still be useful. You may be spending money on your perfume but with the things you can enjoy after you’ve used up the perfume, you will know that the amount of money is always worth it.


Published by Harry Caesar