How often do you listen to that word? Is it several times during the day or is it too many today already? Our body signals to us whenever something is adverse to the situation and helps push us away from getting hurt. However, pain doesn't just come in the form of physical sensations but that of the emotional pain. This is where our "rebellious" selves come in though. The idea of persistence by pushing through the pain and negative feedback is our own way of making our own progress.

Growth in any form stems from our ability to continue past the negative outcome of our actions and allows us to create improvements so that negative outcome will not come up again. Say for example, you're new to the dating game and you think dropping a pick-up line is the best way to approach someone. You saw someone do it before and you thought using that same line will do the trick. You pick up the courage to strike up the approach and the gal rejects you with one of these: get away from me creep! Painful, right?

Let's take a step back from this painful event and wonder why that guy's "pickup" line worked for him and not you. What if that guy did more than just drop a line? What if, for the sake of sounding crazy...what if he used this line months ago and got shot down the same way? The crazy thing he did though after that was move on. He picked himself up and worked on himself. He changed his mindset, he probably worked out a bit to gain some physical confidence, and found ways to talk to women that changed the feeling he evoked from dropping such a corny line. All he did was one thing which was maintain that persistence. 

Persistence is your rebellion towards the mind and body's command for you to stop. However, stopping will only lead to nothing. You can't improve without facing that adversity over and over again until you eventually don't see it as adverse anymore. No one great obtains their level of success without facing a little resistance in the beginning. 

Published by Bryan Agbayani