Food Combination and How It Affects Our Health


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Health is wealth, note the order, It precisely dictates that you need to have good health to be able to earn and build wealth. A fact that many of us being trapped in the wealth creation genesis forget! They say time is money but money when you convert it through engagement. We spend most if not all of our time between money making agendas at the expense of our Health!

Taking over the counter medication in the name of painkillers is a common practice. When we feel slight dysfunction of the body system. Research has shown that painkillers are the most abused drugs! Physicians’ advice that at one point, it’s necessary to allow our body systems to fight slight conditions such as colds, fever, by themselves before indulging on drugs. It keeps our bodies strong. Contrary to this, continuous use of a specific drug over time causes the body system to get used to it. It eventually doesn’t serve the desired purpose of relief but instead adds toxic to the body system.

Do you always wake up tired after long night sleep? Do you find it hard to rise up from bed in the morning? Do you always sleep while on traffic even though you raise adequately at night? Do you have regular memory problems? Do you have poor appetite? Do you always long for chocolate bars? It doesn’t mean that you are sick. Neither do all these have any bad implications. It’s just but a reflection of your body system. Our bodies are always fighting toxics which are as a result of our diets and other functioning factors. It’s the reason we need regular exercise for fitness. This can be achieved by walking to work, riding instead of driving, jogging around the compound among others. We need to observe our diet and embrace recommended food combinations. Don’t break diet rules just as you do not break fashion rules! Strive to keep your water level optimum. Water is good for the body. This can be best achieved by taking water rich foods; specifically fruits like water melon. You can too include a fruit salad or pudding with every meal.  Taking excess water may turn hazardous and burst body cells. It also causes dilution of body fluids. Taking fluids alongside meals also causes dilution of digestive juices that are meant to aid digestion. Experts’ advice that one takes fluids before meals or ten fifteen minutes after a meal. Our bodies should be fed with three course meals daily. It’s advisable to snack on fruits rather than chocolates. A normal human being should sleep up to eight hours a day- rest is good for optimum body functioning. Achieving the eight glass specification is better done by eating vegetables and fruits. Skipping breakfast is alluded to loose memory; you will struggle to remember even your second name.

Published by Winston Tony