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Today was another morning workout with John, I woke up with snot all over my face from having this cold, and was sneezing and constantly wiping my nose, but I knew I had to continue with our plans of meeting at the gym. I am dedicated, lol. It didn't help that the weather is gloomy and we had some rain, normally this is the type of weather that keeps me from the leaving the house and snuggled up in bed instead. I managed to wake up at 8AM this morning, which is surprising because I was up late watching the #debate2016 and laughing at the answers to our worldly issues. I shouldn't be shocked by the answers and how dedicated politicians come off until they are elected and then what? We are back at square one, but who can blame them, they don't run this country as much as we would like to think they do. Although that is just my take on things, no argument intended. To share my political views means I have to play lawyer, and I am not a fan of doing so, so we shall keep that one locked & seal; it is enough when my facebook is bogged up with people "threatening to delete friends who do not have the same political views", which might be okay if their was a logical reason to do so, but I don't delete people on facebook because of their political views, because i don't expect everyone to have the same opinion as myself, but again, I don't go around posting my views everywhere because it is none of people's damn business unless I make it their business. Besides watching the #Debate2016 , I was partaking in conversation on twitter with all the people who were watching it live as well, and also juggling my show "American Horror Story" on my TV (which if anyone is a fan of this particular show, what did you think of last nights episode) lol.  If this matters, I had more than 4 glasses of wine and all of them tasted delicious, judge if you please. So again, my morning was very "blah" and I was very sluggish, and I didn't even make it to the gym a hour before John this time, let alone before he arrived, I was running behind this morning, and my cold is to blame.  


BUT, while John did his workout Today, I did my own, because I didn't need to do his cardio workout with him today, he could handle it and not to mention I wanted to do my #legday strength exercises. My mom made to the gym this morning and did her cardio and strength exercises for her arms and of course she decides to ask me goofy questions which is typical of her, sometimes I have to tune her out so I can focus on my own workout, lol. John had someone smile at him who he thought was cute, so that made him smile all the while we were at the gym, talk about the "koolaid" man smile, it was HUGE, but hey, nothing wrong with smiling; especially since today wasn't a hard workout for him. He did complain of ankle pain and some knee pain, but he swears it is nothing serious and just discomfort,  I remind him to have it looked at it if it becomes too much of a problem, but I can tell her ignores my recommendation because he just smiles and says "Shay, I am fine, not a big deal, I can still perform without slowing down" - his favorite answer. Funny thing is I told him tomorrow he should go up to the person who smiled at him and say "hello", maybe it would give me a boost of confidence to do the same to people who I find attractive, hahahaha 


In the mix of all this crazy, I had a blogger come to me about their sibling possibly wanting to be interviewed for my article (the one I asked for professionals with a degree in nutrition and/or registered dietitians, so I am happy about this as well, partly because I am on a time crunch (my fault) and partly because I didn't want to be lame and use studies :P but I would have. I might have to if they decline my offer, *fingers crossed*, but appreciate everyone who liked the post. Thank you. 


Lets get to the workout shall we, oh and I will post my #legday workout as well for today, it was easy and not much to it today because of me not feeling so well.  My workout will be underneath's John's workout for today:


John's Workout


Warm up:

Dynamic stretching:


  • Skips
  • lunges
  • high knees
Workout Session:
  • Treadmill - 20 minutes, 4.0 speed, 2.0 incline - he had to reduce speed and incline because he complained of ankle pains
  • Elliptical- 20 minutes, no resistance, 4.0-4.5 speed and if he could maintain a 5.0 speed, I would prefer it. He complained of knee pains, but his ankle pains went away during this exercise. 
Ab Session:
I decided to introduce him to one of the many ab machines to see if he would like it, and he did. His previous goal was to do 31 crunches and he beat it today with 32 total in 1 minute with 10lb resistance the first set and 20 lb the 2nd and 3rd set. (The machine comes with weights, 10 is the lowest) 
Cool down:
  • Walk 2 laps around the gym
My workout (leg day & abs)
I conquered the same warm-up as John with him.
Workout Session:
A 20 minute circuit consisting of:
  • walking lunges using a 20lb barbell ( I could use more weight next time, but again took it easy today)
  • Air squats using a 25 lb weight plate ( I did 12 reps)
A 20 minute circuit consisting of:
  • Single leg deadlifts using 10 lb weight plate (I should have used heavier, I knew better, but wasn't in the mood) I did 10 reps on each leg
  • Walking lunges using a 20 lb barbell
  • Air squats using 25 lb weight plate
Ab Session:
  • I used the same crunch machine as John and we did abs together. I did 3 sets. I was able to do 50-51 reps with 45 lbs, and about 40-45 with 65 lbs :) pretty happy with it, I could do better next time, we shall see, but with this cold, I wasn't really pushing myself like I normally do. 
I did the same cool down as John (we did it together) 
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo
I love hearing about your workouts, so always feel free to share in the comments :)


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