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How is everyone's Thursday going? Hopefully all is well and everyone is staying fairly productive today. Now that I was able to get the politics out the way, time to talk fitness! woohoo! Today's workout might actually shock some of you and others may be thinking, eh, could be better, but either way I hope it gives you ideas, motivates you and keeps all of you wanting more; I love sharing my workouts with all of you and some of you have been very thankful for them, win-win. Let us begin with John's workout for today:


John's Workout


Dynamic stretching:


  • Inchworms
  • Side bends: 10-12 reps
  • Hip bridges: 12-15 reps

Workout Session:

I had him do a  cardio circuit today.

  • Step ups: 2 minutes
  • Treadmill: 15 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed
  • steps ups: 2 minutes
  • Treadmill: 15 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed
  • Step ups: 2 minutes
  • Treadmill: 15 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed 

Cool down:

  • Walk 2 laps around the gym

John said he was able to stay on the 4.0 speed with no ankle pains and without decreasing the speed, I was very happy to hear this since normally he will decrease the speed by like 3.5-3.8. He still enjoys the step up exercise. I was doing my own workout so I didn't workout with him, but I was at the gym with him and did the warm up with him.


My workout:


  • Treadmill- 30 minutes, no incline, 3.5 speed (this was not intentional/ I was waiting for John to show up and he was running late this morning)

Dynamic stretching with John - the same exercises


Workout Session: Leg day

I did a pyramid for my leg press workout today, which sucked and hurt so bad/felt so good afterward- love/hate relationship today.

  • Leg press: 70LB, 1 X 12 
  • Leg press: 90LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 110LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 130LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 150LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 170LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 190LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 210LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 230LB. 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 250LB, 1 X 12
  • Leg press: 270LB, 1 X 12

My highest on the seated leg press right now for 12 reps is 270 but if I did less reps, my highest is around 310 or so (look at my previous workouts doing the leg press), the linear leg press using free weights, I have PRd 390 now- which is awesome. Basically for those of you who do not know what I mean by the "pyramid" I did each of these weights for 12 reps and 1 set starting at 70lb and ending at 270Lb and then went back up doing the same reps/sets starting at 270Lb all the way back to 70lb- it hurt like hell. I could have probably started at 90lb or 100lb but didn't want to this time. 


  • Reverse lunges - 30lb barbell, 5 X 10 
  • Weight Air squat: 25lb weight plate, 5 X10 
  • Barbell back squat: 15Lb, 1 X 10 and 35 lb, 3 X 10 - I did lower weights on the barbell back squat today. 
  • Abdominal crunch machine: 70lb, 3 X 15

Cool down:

I did my cool down with John, doing the same thing as him - walk 2 laps around the gym


Overall the workout went well, my legs still hurt from it, but it was necessary to kill leg day today for my own progress.


Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xxxxx

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