To catch everyone all up, today was another day at the gym with my friend John. Yesterday we had to cancel due to him not getting enough sleep the night before, so we did what was expected yesterday, today. 



Dynamic stretches:


  • Walking glute stretch
  • lateral lunges
  • Frankies
Workout Session:
  • Step ups- 30 minutes (we used this red light/green light source) during red lights we stopped for about 30 seconds and during green light it would be about 45 seconds to a 1 min of continuous step ups. This sounds crazy but my gym has this room for this kind of circuit and well it is useful.
  • stationary bike- 15 minutes, level 4 resistance, RPMS 80-85 (his choice this time) 
  • step ups- 15 minutes, same goal intended with the red light/green light
Cool down:
  • Walked 2 laps inside the gym 
Overall today's workout really made both of us work up a sweat, he was covered in it and enjoyed the step up exercise I had us doing together. I definitely will implement this more during out workouts since he is a fan of it, and of course he is making progress on the bike as well, and still loves being on the bike for cardio. His first weigh in will be Sunday Oct. 9th, and he is very nervous about it. I let him know not to worry and to not have expectations, but be happy that he came this far, so hopefully he sees some kind of results but if not, that is fine, because we will get there no matter. I am proud of him for kicking into gear this week and I am not sure if we will be meeting tomorrow for the gym, but if we do, I will keep everyone posted on the workout routine. 
His eating habits haven't been too bad either, from what I have read on his logs, and he hasn't eaten fast food except the sushi he had & one slice of pizza. Not eating fast food was his choice by the way, something I thought was pretty cool! So everything seems to be looking up at the moment.  
The editor will get back with me on my article in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it goes over well. I have yet to come up with pitches for the other editor but will surely make time for that sometime this coming week hopefully. 
Have a wonderful weekend, thank you for reading, follow, share, comment, like. 
Your fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo


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