• Knee to chest
  • lunge twist
  • leg swings

5-10 minutes of dynamic warm-up.


Workout Session:

  • Treadmill - 45 minutes, no incline, 4.0 speed. 

If he needed a break, I told him to reduce the speed and keep walking, not come to a full stop. 



  • Treadmill- 5 minute, no incline, 3.5 decreasing slowly to 1.5 speeds


  • Glute stretch- hold 10 seconds each leg
  • Runner's stretch- hold for 10 seconds, each leg
  • hamstring stretch- 3 sets of 8-10 second counts both legs at the same time


John did a good job with not coming to a complete stop when he was becoming fatigued, he listened to me and reduced his speed as needed but always made to sure to raise it back to 4.0 when he was ready.  It is obvious he struggles with cardiovascular oxidation, but that is okay, because we will continue to work on this.  Tomorrow, I will have him do the same exact exercise regimen, if we attend the gym (which is in the plans).  I figured he may get winded a bit because he is not used to walking that pace, he does a good job with staying hydrated during the workout session, unlike myself. oops. He turned in his paperwork for the week, that keeps track of his eating habits, steps, and sleep. I will be sure to look over all of those this weekend, he asked me when he could weigh himself and I informed him Oct. 9th would be his first weigh-in. Hopefully  he will see results, small or big, and if not, we can go over the why & how. 


Goal: Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. Work on his endurance, cardiovascular oxidation, breathing, and get him to push himself when he gets "tired". 


Your fitness blogger,


Shay-lon xoxo


P.S I may not get to anyone's comments from today or tomorrow because I am having to work all day today, so bare with me, and I will make sure to reply back as soon as I get a chance. Thank you.





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