There was a moment when all seemed lost, then it happened.

Ah, now see I got your attention. Nothing amazing happened, it was just me watching a cola can land perfectly, no soda flying all over the place. Apparently we all experience life at different paces, I just happen to find these moments awesome, looking around in awe at times. While few of us just use a pen as a utility, some marvel at how smooth it writes, the feel of the pen's vibration against the paper, perhaps that small scratching sound when we doodle.

Perspective is a great thing. A regular red shade? Naw, that is the blood of our enemies gov'na! It is the color of her lips, her blush as we tell her how much we love her. The color we see in a fit of rage, the life blood flowing from our foes! It is that we see, vivid in the fireplace, dancing all around mesmerizing in its beauty! So, perspective is a great thing to have, creativity just helps that move along nicely.

Changing the perspectives of others is tough at times you know. What I find 'cool' they find 'lame'. These people you just gotta point and say, look at that, and then carry on. There is no point in explaining your reasoning to them. Children are especially awesome when it comes to these things, that's why I humor them when they show me stuff, ask for clarification. It helps them live a better life you know, giving them that little push to continue on. To believe that magic is real, because to them, it is.

Enjoy the little things in life, these moments that leave you questioning everything, observing life as it moves along. Just remember to keep an eye out for the big picture as well yes? Just because that butterfly is flying around does not mean follow it, it could lead you into an oncoming bus.

Published by Kenneth Pickernell