It's amazing how you can talk to two different people about the same event and yet get two completely different stories. People that look at everything with a negative outlook will see everything exactly that way. I was recently at a fellowship day that was full of fun and friendship. Everyone was chatting, talking the Word and even a random dance happened. However I heard later from another lady how it as terrible and that she felt people had agendas and they were treating her weird.  The thing is none of that happened. In-fact everyone there loved her, however the glasses she was looking through were tainted with negativity.

I want to encourage everyone to choose which glasses you are going to look at life through. Here is a sermon my husband preached on "Which glasses are you earing"

I encourage you to watch it and learn how you can begin enjoying your life and living each day to the full.

Be blessed

Carol Eddington. xx

Published by Carol Eddington