Zelda... The Nightmare Before Christmas... Pinky and The Brain... Santa Claus... Cinderella... Tooth Fairy... Legos... Batman Comics... Goosebumps Books...

Oh childhoods, memories preserved in a cryogenic state so that we may revisit them anytime we want. A carefree era filled with every nostalgic tradition. Young minds imitating sponges, soaking up every ounce of knowledge surrounding their tiny worlds. Young eyes exploring every corner of their atmosphere. Tiny buzzing ears intaking every sweet sound played. Once we were mini Energizer bunnies, non stop life was being lived with smiles and endless laughter. Times of blue tears, dark spaces and earthquake days naturally existed, but innocent happiness for the most part.

But, as most things do, childhoods come to an end as our minds and bodies evolve. Leveling up from rambunctious kids ruling the playground to awkward teenagers. An icy hot transition of independence and confusion. Constant pressing of buttons, pushing boundaries and displaying rebellious fads. Leaving Neverland so that we may start growing up. Time is no longer allotted for pirates or pixie dust. Early mornings spent making sure that our swag is on fleek, selecting the right seat on the bus and engaging in popularity conversations with our kind. Class after class filing imperative information in our brains. Embarking in lunch period madness. Afternoons overflowing with studying over-cramming knowledge in order to see that beautiful A+ on every quiz, test, report, project and final. Curfew nights chillin' in the company of our squad. Parties and dances filling the blank spaces on our calendars.

As Freshman begin that weird madness and Seniors exit from their baffled security into the insanity of Adulthood. Welcome, my name is Brink.. I'll be your tour guide. Please keep your hands and feet inside this ride called "The Rest of Your Life" and enjoy. ;) College, careers, finding our true love and creating a family is the itinerary we're e-mailed as part of our membership. Perks include complete freedom, independence and control over lives. Blood signatures flowing along the black line, ignorantly blissful against the fine print that states there will be times where stress, sacrifices and being pushed to the brink will occur. We tend to assume that mockery will bite us if we indulge ourselves with childhood nostalgia. 

 I become my ten year old self when my eyes gaze at the lights glowing on the Christmas tree... Despicable Me, Finding Dory, Hotel Transylvania, The Secret Life of Pets, you can bet your sweet butt that I'm sitting in the movie theater with my pretzel bites and coke icee waiting for the feature film to begin. Carnivals and fairs I'm at the face painting booth, gotta get my carnival swag before engaging in all of the awesomeness. I find a blissful balance in the Peter Pan simplicities. These moments make me continually hungry for the insanity of my life.

So have a snowball fight... dance in the rain... play video games with your peeps... peruse the comic book store... dress up at Halloween... believe in the magic that Christmas holds... Got to Disneyland and get you some Mickey ears and hands... come down with a Peter Pan syndrome fever once in a while.


Published by Derra Sabo