I feel as if the definition of petty is different to everyone you meet. To one person it might mean throwing shade, maybe its being bored and wanting something to do to the next person, but to me petty means a group of teenagers. 

     As previously stated, I don't know just how petty adults are because I'm a teenager, I stay with the teenage pettiness. 

    I only get petty when someone pisses me off to the max, but for others, they get petty for no reason at all. 

   The worst thing about that is the fact that after they basically destroy someone's life, they expect to still be friends with everyone they were friends with prior to the petty, and unfortunately some kids do stay friends with these people. 

    I hate to say I'm one of those kids, but I am. 

    The only reason I am is because I'm a person who likes to be friends with everyone, because one day that's going to come in handy, so I don't risk pissing someone off. Should I drop some of these people? Probably. Will I drop some of these people? When I'm out of high school and miles away? Totally. 

   So that's the thing, Petty teens are the worst, but we're kind of stuck with them. 

Published by Janet ( theunicornreader )