Real short stories for those who are really short on time!
So is this a fictional story? Or does it live in some realm of truth. Only you can decide. 
Some people see dead people, I see phantoms.
It all started several moons ago, I awake very early and will notice and be more aware of phantoms or energy signatures. I can see, sense, and sometimes smell these lower vibrations.  Since they are all around us all the time, I think most people are simply unaware.
Some say you can increase your awareness of subtle energies by having less light on throughout the year. You know those night lights only decreases your ability to perceive what's really around you in the dark.
Before I continue with my story...
Here's what "science" says.
We are all born with these things call sensors in our retina which allows us to see lower life forms and other energy signatures like phantoms. But, for most this information does not get processed into conscious awareness.
So they simply think they don't exist. 
For some it does get processed. These people may consider themselves "sensitive," empathic, clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing) or clairsencient (clear sensing).
These abilities us to perceive more.  
Exactly what Are These Energies?
They are photons. If photons sound a bit too close to phantoms, you might be on to something.
Read this article when you get a chance. Yes, "science" has proven that we can "see" them, we are simply not consciousness "aware." At least some of us are not aware. If all people were consciously aware of all that is present within the full spectrum of our reality, most would go bonkers. At least I think they might.
While a different language is used in science, these sub or lower particles and waves do exist.  I think, at a point in our past, we all were aware and could interact with them in a balanced and harmonious way. 
Then we got uppidy!
These phantoms are energy particles and waves that are left behind from ALL types of energy from emotions, physical trauma, bugs, even feces. They are energy sharing our space. And they can also accumulate over time. We can never completely get rid of them. And frankly,  we may not want to since not all particles are harmful to us and some are actually helpful to nature's equilibrium.  That would be like good bacteria. We have lived with these all the time. 
Most of the time they are running away from us anyways. Since they know most people are scared.  Integration of these lower vibratory energy is not something many people can or know how to do anymore. And lower implies something lesser than. Actually, they are lesser than.
Here's what we usually do.
We clean and clear them away. That's not a bad thing either. So I'm going to tell you why and how. 
This clearing work is really important before you go into your winter "hibernation." While these elementary particles that are left behind rarely have enough power to enact massive damage in your life, they can make you feel sick or increase your susceptibility to certain illnesses when enough of them accumulate in an enclosed space. Specially if this is a space you are about to cocoon into for several weeks or months because its too cold outside. If you have a weaken spiritual immune system, you probably are starting to feel their effects already. You can simply ask yourself, is it time for a cleaning or a clearing?
Where Do They Come From? Elementary particles come from many sources. If you can remember that energy is never destroyed just transformed. You can accept that the vast void we call air is filled with particles and waves. Some of you might see the larger "dust" particles when sunlight shine through your window and hits the air just right. These are the dust that we share spaces with 24/7, 365 days of the year.
They can be also left behind from:
  • Negative emotions that's been fed over a period of time
  • Negative thoughts by anyone living in the home
  • Negative thoughts from your neighbors, visitors, that resonated with those already in the home
  • Dead energies from dust mites, bugs, and any large quantity of any form of animals (specially dust mites)
  • Feces of dust mites, bugs, and other lower life forms
​They also come from higher forms of life such as disembodied spirits of larger animals (i.e. dead mammals on the road) and yes, even humans too. According to the about, 65,000 deer are struck by vehicles in New York state alone. "On average, more than 6 million deer are killed by hunters in the United States per year, while approximately 10 million Americans hunt deer each year." (Source: . That's just one animal for one year. If your home is close to the higher, some of these energies may wonder close to your home. 
When you consider that energy is never destroyed, but transformed ask where does all this energy go?
Do some of it get attached to us and can we bring it home? 
Ok, keep in mind, this is only a story.  
Some say thoughts create things. Thought forms begin the process of manifestation the moment you think a thought. They can eventually manifest if "given" enough energy and when other spiritual alchemy are performed. Many old thought forms can  be found in old building, warehouses, or anywhere energy becomes stagnant over time. They can attach to you and you can bring them into your home if they resonate with your energy signature. 
Since this is happening all the time, it's not something we need to panic about. It is a natural part of life. We are never alone and we are all integrated. Keeping energy moving supports life. This is a role, most people don't fully understand. Right?
Since these types of energy can accumulate in your home and work environments, you can move things around by doing regular cleaning to support organic re-evolution and energetic rejuvenation. 
So what Can You Do?
Clean your home regularly and "clear" your home periodically. There are many clearing tools you can use and the internet is filled with ideas. Almost all will work. Find one that is appropriate for your personal needs.  If you tend to hold unto things, you may need to do more than someone who regularly clears space.
Winterize Your Home
Before the winter months, give your home a spiritual "flu" shot by doing a thorough cleaning using PINE, SALTS, and SMUDGES. No need to make this elaborately long and fancy unless you've been holding on to negative energy for a long time.  Clean and clear with good intention. If you hire someone to clear your home, make sure you treat them well.  The work they perform and how they perform it can support you or it can create more issues for you.
​Clear Yourself 

Don't forget to clear YOU. You are the first temple. Holding onto old emotions and other energies will drag you down emotionally and spiritually. Let things go that no longer serves you is wise. Forgive (using a healing process, not denial) those who think or feel may have caused you harm. Your spiritual and physical immune system will thank you for it. 

​Bring New Life In

​Lastly, once you've cleared your space, bring in renewal energy by keeping healthy energy clearing plants and flowers in your home throughout the winter. Dead dry flowers are not advisable for clearing although they can look great. If you have pets (cats specially) they can also support energy clearing throughout the year. 

Unless you are one who can safely integrate all energies into your being, its wise to make cleaning and clearing  part of your regular ritual.
So is this a fictional story? Or does it live in some realm of truth. Only you can decide. 

Published by Irmina Tutu