You don’t go to Phuket without visiting Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don, so that’s exactly what we did. We booked a day of snorkelling and beach exploring to experience the beautiful waters and white sand beaches of beautiful Thailand. 

Around Phuket, your hotel, stalls along beaches and practically everywhere else you go, you will come across Phi Phi Island tours. So there is no need to stress about booking a tour, you can book a day before and still be able to get a spot on a boat, as thousands of boats go out to the islands daily. 

Tip: When booking your tour, book one that has a speed boat instead of a ferry. Most of the time, the ferry’s can not dock at all the islands, so you are left looking at the places from the boat without actually getting off the boat. 

We finally decided on a tour called Rak Talay Tours. Our tour guide calls himself B, as in “be on time” as he would say. This tour is cheaper than others providing lunch, all day beverages and an awesome experience. 


Maya Bay

First up was Maya Bay, made famous from the movie “The Beach” and it’s overall beautiful appearance.  As soon as you enter into the bay, the water immediately changes colour to clear blue, making that itch to swim even stronger. Not only can you relax on the beach, but there is also an entire tropical island to explore.

The crowds vary depending on what time of year you go, but either way, there will always be people at Maya Bay making it a lively atmosphere all year round. 

Monkey Beach

I could have sat on this beach all day watching these amazing creatures do what they do best, getting up to mischief. They would chase people, steal peoples things and jump on peoples’ (mine) backs. Be careful with what you are holding in your hands, as they can snatch things from you such as drink bottles. 

If monkeys or unpredictable animals are not your thing, then I would say to stay on the boat as the possibility of coming into contact with one is likely. 

Pi Ley Bay

This island will be where you have lunch, as well as all the other tours that are out and about the same day. Here, it is more developed than other islands with hotels, resturants and shopping stalls. Lined up along the water front there are beautifully decorated traditional wooden boats and high cliff faces peeking down upon the crystal clear water. 


Snorkelling has forever been my favourite thing to do in the ocean, so it was no surprise we had to book a tour that included snorkelling. The drivers of the boat pull up somewhere between the islands allowing you for time to snorkel and to take a peek at life under the sea. It is best to wear a life jacket as the water can be extremely unpredictable off shore. 

Khai  Nai Island

As we pulled up to this island I was in awe. It was the smallest and most beautiful island I had been to, taking you no more than 5 minutes to walk around the outside of the island, filled with kittens rolling around in the sand. On the island, there is a bar, restaurant and water skiing options available to keep you entertained. 


Phi Phi island hopping is a day packed with exploring islands and the ocean’s wonders. Remember, don’t jump straight into the first tour you find, because you can always find a cheaper one that has the same itinerary. 

Happy island hopping. 

Published by Brooke Fryer