Have you ever had that feeling, when suddenly everything looks beautiful? When suddenly, the birds’ chirping becomes music. The wind that used to mess your hair is now a tender breeze touching your skin. When you start appreciating everything around you. Have you ever had that feeling? I don’t know what to call it. But you are just happy, suddenly, happy form inside. And all this makes you a philosopher. So I call this “feeling” as Philosophical Happiness. I know it’s a little here and there, but I like this term. You see when you are philosophically happy, you develop an aura around you, full of positivity and glee. People come to you; ask you what’s up with the constant smile. They ask you if you are in love. But the thing is even you don’t know what’s up with the constant smile. You just know it’s not the lips, but the heart who’s smiling. Someday if you are “philosophically happy”, you will know what I mean, go on a walk or sit in your balcony. But today…today I am feeling something new. I can’t appreciate nature anymore. The birds are not singing for me. The wind stands still. My heart is not smiling. Today I am Philosophically Sad.

Published by Jaydeep Bansal