A wedding is a special moment in the lives of a couple and it is a communion of two beautiful families that promise each other happiness. Wedding traditions and customs vary depending on the regions, cultures, countries and social status.

Indian Wedding Photographers

The weddings in India are nothing less than festivals. The numerous rituals and processes make Indian weddings lengthy and joyous. Since they are long and include a lot of traditional customs, we can see a lot of hush-hush among the guests, great decorations, yummy food and mixed emotions. And to top it all there is a person who is constantly on the job of recording your memories - the wedding photographer! Although it is not so easy to be a photographer, weddings are interesting for they give a scope to capture all mixed feelings and an Indian wedding photographer does a great job in it all!

Earlier it was the local photographer running a photo studio would walk in to take some traditional pictures of your wedding. Now the whole math of wedding photography has changed. Wedding photography has taken giant strides from just clicking and printing an album with wedding pictures to creating themes and clicking pictures that are just exclusive, elegant and extraordinarily beautiful. A new era of Indian wedding photography has started where the pre and post-wedding pictures also are clicked according to themes and the likes of the couple making the whole event truly memorable for a lifetime.

The Photography Guide

Weddings are more or less considered as small-size films where there are a photography and video crew that works really hard to capture exclusive wedding moments of a couple.

Happy Couple Makes happy Memories!

Before the Wedding

Contract: A lot of planning goes into organizing a wedding ceremony and unfortunately there is every scope for things to go wrong. One such circumstance can change the whole event. This is when the pre-signed contracts come to your rescue. When the event is done, sometimes the organizers tend to ignore the due payments and it’s a huge loss for a photographer. A pre-signed legal contract with all applicable terms and conditions can help in getting your payment right. So, get a contract done and play safe!

Make a Trip in Advance: Visiting the venue beforehand for a seasonal wedding helps in saving you from unwanted circumstances like rain.

Props or Non-Props Usage: Bringing few lists of accessories along to specific wedding events like a beautiful hanger, ring box, and plate, empty frames, artificial color wigs, and goggles can all enhance the creativity of photography.

Desired or Specific Shots for the Couple: Pre-conceive some shots in mind that you and the couple discuss before the actual ceremony. By doing so, you know the flexibility of the couple and you can plan shots accordingly. Also, have an add-on set of shots as per the couple’s desire.

Beforehand Preparation: This is probably one of the essential wedding photography tricks. Buffer staff, spare batteries, extra memory card and back up plans are essential.

At the Wedding

Crowd Controller: Every marriage will require a bit of crowd controller to have perfect family pictures or group pictures. The photographer should concentrate only on taking the best view.

Compose Your Shots Well: A wedding photographer day can last more than 16 hours, so there is no need to rush and panic. This may end up missing some exclusive shots.

Professional Uniform: Looking professional is important. So, dress well to give out good vibes.

Capture Bride and Groom Separately: Have a separate session of photography with bride and groom with a different background.

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