Whether it be work, family, school or friend stress - life always has stress. So what are some ways to de-stress quick and efficiently?

  1. Face Masks
    • I prefer mud masks for acne and oily skin, or soothing ones like cucumber or mint.
  2. Makeup
    • Sometimes I like to buy new makeup, whether it be the $5 lipstick at the drugstore or a little splurge on my new Benefit concealer.
  3. Music
    • This has been a huge one for me. Make a playlist of all your pick me up and happy songs. The ones that make you smile or want to dance your heart out.
    • All My Love (Major Lazer) and Closer by the Chainsmokers are in my tops right now
  4. Stay-cation
    • Take a personal day, or section off the weekend. Do an at home spa day, with all of the above, and some Netflix or classic dvds. Maybe a little luxury popcorn.

Originally on adulthoodinthemaking.wordpress.com

Published by Emma Ibbetson