Picking out the right kind of bath ware can in itself be an immensely consuming experience and when it comes to fittings, we usually don't have any ideas or energy left, so we settle for whatever we might get.

This can result in loss of charm of the entire space that we have invested so much of ourselves in. In order to avoid this messed up situation and to refresh your drained out pot of ideas, we have curated a list of tips to consider while picking out luxury bathroom fittings that might help you out in elevating the overall look of your bathroom, at the same time, helping you in retaining the charm of the quality furniture that you have so carefully selected.

Recognize Your Style:

The primary step in picking out the right accessories for your bathroom is recognizing your taste and preferences along with the look and feel you would want to achieve out of your bathroom. With this recognition, consider half the battle already won. You need to define your style and put it out in words and expression so it is easier for you to place it parallel to an ongoing trend or something that you can find in the market. Queo offers amazing range of bathroom fittings to furnish your bathroom in the best possible form. So whether your style is chic, classy, glamorous, or minimalistic, Queo has got something or the other to live up to your expectations and even goes beyond. This way, you can achieve the best possible look for your bathroom, lending it the aura that you want it to possess.


The key to designing any space is that it must reflect the personality and the preferences of the person who is going to be in that space. Personalization then acts as an essential tool in determining what the ideal accessories or fittings for a bathroom should be. Bathroom fittings should essentially be a sum total of all the little things that one likes. If your personality is a mix of raw and organic, you might like wooden or wood finished accessories while if you feel warm in a rustic space, you can go for bronze like. Ideally, the best bathroom is the one that feels best to you and to give you a pool of options to pick out your bests from, you can always count on Queo.

Run a Quality Check:

 You don't really rebuild your bathrooms every other day so you must certainly do a strict quality check to ensure that whatever goes into the making of your bathroom lasts for a really long time. The best quality, durable products will help in maintaining the charm of your space. At Queo, you will find furniture and fittings that will last and instead of fading away, they will acquire character with time. They are bound to grow with you, concealing within them, all your secrets of well-spent relaxing time.


Experimentation is the only means through which you bring into the picture, the scope of doing something new, different as well as exciting. Let your imagination fly and bring out the designer hidden within you. Play with different patterns, textures, and designs. Don't be afraid to try something new, it could very well be your next masterpiece. Queo has various collections of designer toilet water closet that will help you widen your horizons and let you spread out your canvas, taking in all the new and exciting inventions waiting for you.

Feel the Space:

No matter how great the design of some accessory might be, the final test rests on the feeling that it lends to the space. Look for how the space feels with the presence of the fitting. Does the texture make the space feel warm, welcoming, chic, and modern? Ask yourself these questions before finalizing any fitting for your space because that is how you will feel every time you enter your bathroom, at least for the next couple of years till you choose to get a makeover done.

Putting together a bathroom can sure be a daunting task but with some tips and tricks along with the best products from Queo, it will definitely seem like a cakewalk. So go on, unleash the artist in you and design the bathroom that you would want to spend most of your time in.

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