In light of the fact I'm having a picnic today with some of my girlfriends I decided to wrap up a quick picnic outfit to share with you all! It has appeared on my blog before, so you can see more pictures here!
I love to match my outfit to the occasion and that's exactly what I did here! I'm more than sure there's hardly anyone who dislikes having a picnic! For me the whole idea is so lovely and I can't wait to be with my boyfriend so we can have many of them together! Do you often have a picnic and what activities do you enjoy doing then? I would love to know!
As for the outfit....

A really simple and effortless but stylish and eye-catching outfit! 
I hope this post inspired you to go out in the nature for a comfy fun picnic! Have a wonderful day~!
(Outfit details and more pics in my blog)

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 
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