Can this pilot season win me over?

Season Zero has begun the yearly pilot reviews, kicking things off with Nathan Fillion’s new ABC cop show, The Rookie.  This show focuses on Fillion as part of a group of rookie cops, who is a couple decades older than his colleagues.  It gets a pretty glowing review, predicted as a sure fire hit than can be put anywhere on the ABC schedule for next year, with almost guaranteed success.  The review ends with a question of why ABC picked up so many crime shows when they had this one set to be their next hit.    

Other cop pilots for ABC include Queens, Safe Harbour, Take Two, and Staties, with Salvage following an ex-cop, Whisky Cavalier and Get Christy Love focusing on the FBI and CIA, and The Fix is about a prosecutor.  A lot of legal shows, while the network passed on Flight 410, New world, the modern day takes on A Tale of Two Cities and Pride & Prejudice, Mavericks and The Heiresses.  We’ll see what happens, but I would have really liked to see Safe Harbour and Take Two get passed over in favour of something a little more different.  With Once Upon a Time coming to an end, I definitely would have liked to see the net be more aggressive about finding a fantasy-style show to take it’s place.  The only pilot they have that could fit that bill is For Love, the story of a woman who receives a phone call from the fiancée who has been dead for five years.  It’s described as a love triangle set in a secret world of magic in New Orleans. 

Season Zero also looked at the CBS pilot History of Them, the story of how a couple fall in love as told by their daughter in the future.  No, this is not the long rumoured spinoff to How I met Your Mother.  Honestly.  It gets a mostly positive review, which is more than can be said for the next CBS pilot Season Zero takes a look at.  God Friended Me follows an atheist who is friended by God on Facebook, and gets drawn on a path of changing the lives of the people around him.  The review admits that it isn’t exactly a bad show, but extremely unlikely to find an audience.  Honestly, I can’t say that I have strong feelings about any of the CBS pilots right now.

Meanwhile, Spoiler TV reports that the CW is planning to add Sunday night to their programming schedule this year.  Unfortunately, this probably doesn’t mean the net will pick up any more pilots, and I’m still shaking my head at some of the ones they did opt to go with, leaving some better(in my opinion) options unexplored.  Maybe TPTB think that expanding to a new night gives them the opportunity to offer new and different shows, but I’m not holding my breath about them finding success.

Anyway, has released casting breakdowns for the Charmed and Roswell reboots.  I’ll be shocked if Roswell ends up being any more successful than Beauty and the Beast.  Charmed could have potential, though it’s not my first choice for a CW witch show.  I’m probably most interested in It’s the End of the World as We Know It amongst the CW pilots, even though I fear it will end up becoming a niche show like iZombie.

Published by Andrew Clendening