What do the last two nets have in store this pilot season?

I never expect to be excited by many CBS projects, with the net continuing to stock up on procedurals.   There are good reasons why the broadcast networks covet these shows, but they just aren’t very exciting!

One way to at least get me a bit interested in a procedural is for it to have some sort of supernatural or science fiction element, and CBS does have a few of those projects.  We have a legal drama about a firm who represents ghost, helping them find the closure they need to move on, and a show where the hero can be transferred into other people’s bodies.  Another show, Evil, pairs a psychologist with a priest as they look into events to determine if they have scientific or supernatural explanations.  The two other such projects are the comic show Secret Six, and a show about a murdered cop who comes back in the body of… another cop to find his killer.

Another show that catches my eye is about the first lady, though that isn’t what really popped out to me.  One of the people behind the show is Michael Weatherly the actor who recently made news for CBS having to pay several million dollars to an actress because of Weatherly reportedly harassing her and getting her fired from his show, Bull.  People want to see his current show cancelled now, not for the network to give him another show (albeit in a different role), let alone entrust him with a show that has a female lead.

Finally, we have NBC, which just cancelled Midnight, Texas and will presumably be looking for a suitable replacement for the supernatural show.  They have four obvious options.  The Black List, based on a podcast, is your standard believer and skeptic investigator events, though it looks like it will be found footage, for better or worse.  They also have a sequel to Grimm, the show that Midnight once replaced.  It’s not clear which character would be returning to this show.  A third option is Cul-de-Sac, following a group of families who realize they are caught up in… something, though it’s not exactly clear what is going on.  The last option, and probably my least favourite, is about a vampire working with a cop, based on a book in the Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter universe.

 As for the other NBC projects, there are a few conspiracy shows which could be interesting.  One follows a sheriff who takes in a youth found with no memory near the site of a mysterious accident.  Another sees an undercover CIA team have their identities exposed, and someone begins killing them off.  Then there is a family drama about a protagonist who takes over the family business after her brother falls into a mysterious coma.

Published by Andrew Clendening