What do we know?  Not much, honestly.

The first of Deadline’s weekly pilot buzz reports has dropped, as linked to by Spoiler TV, though it openly admits that nit is too early to really draw any conclusions about what the nets are going to pick up.  Honestly, the first two or three of these reports often seem to just end up stating that ever single pilot is in the mix, has supporters, or some other term showing that it has a chance of seeing the light of day.  But we can still speculate!

At ABC, it should come as no surprise that NYPD Blue looks like a lock.  Of the projects I’m interested in, Stumptown is said to be a favourite while the stalker show has some support.  No mention of Triangle, which been getting some negative buzz, but the comments in the Spoiler TV post say that it may not have been viewed yet, so wait and see.

Evil is said to be a frontrunner at CBS, along with a cop show and legal drama.  Meanwhile, Fox is looking likely to pick up the soap Filthy Rich, while law shows Deputy and Prodigal Son both also getting buzz.  The net could also pick up tech thriller next.  There is also some support for the Jason Katims show about a fertility doctor who used his own sperm to impregnate patients, and how his family deals with the fallout.  I’ve noted in the past that I feel this could be like previous Fox shows Lone Star and red Band Society, lauded by critics but subject matter that just won’t bring in an audience.  But who knows, I could be wrong.

Council of Dads is hot at NBC, as a similar show to This is Us.  Spoiler TV didn’t give it great reviews, but their comments here suggest they still think it could turn out well.  Murder show Prism, where each episode is from a different character’s POV, is a frontrunner.  It could be interesting, though the conceit might be hard to keep up over the long term.  Conspiracy show Emergence is also getting buzz.

At the CW, Batwoman is all but on the schedule.  The two cosmetic shows are mentioned as getting buzz, as well as Lost Boys and the new Nancy Drew show.  From what I’ve heard, the Nancy Drew show seems like the best choice to put in the post-Supernatural time slot.  Over the last few years, the CW has ended up leaving those shows behind, but with Supernatural entering its final year, I have to think the net will take its best shot at using the long runner to launch a new hit.

Published by Andrew Clendening