A quick look at the presumably complete selection of pilots.

I was a bit surprised ABC didn’t choose to make a pilot for the Alias-esque sorority girl spy show, but apparently the net is looking at rebooting the original show as well as Lost, so picking up a similar show wasn’t a high priority.  And this makes me more optimistic about Triangle having more to it than the obvious similarities to Lost. Of course, the show that is almost guaranteed to make it onto the ABC schedule is the NYPD sequel, even if Season Zero saw some issues with the script.  I’m not so convinced the New York Undercover will move forward.  Presumably the net will run with one of their relationship/family pilots (Until the Wedding, The Baker and the Beauty, Heart of Life), but I’m pulling for Triangle, Stumptown, and the stalker show.

For CBS, I’m mainly interested in the supernatural pilots, and I would guess one of them will make it to series.  Evil seems the more interesting choice.  The Republic of Sarah could also be interesting.  Season Zero liked Surveillance, and had mixed feelings about Tommy.

For the CW, I’m really not sure what to make of the fact that Nancy Drew is apparently going to be a supernatural show.  I love a good supernatural series, and reimagining’s of classic stories in new settings are big right now, but it seems like a bit of a waste to do a Nancy Drew series, and not be adapt/update any of the classic stories.

I’m not really into the Fox pilots, though NeXt could be interesting.  I have a feeling the net will go with Sisters, which could work, though I have a feeling the whole fertility doctor using his own sperm might turn off viewers, similar to how previous Fox shows Lone Star and Red Band Society were beloved by critics but failed to find an audience.

I was deeply disappointed NBC left some intriguing supernatural options unexplored, but it is what it is.  They do have one possible genre pilot, Emergence, which sounds similar in tone to Manifest, for better or worse.  Season Zero was impressed with Prism, through a bit concerned it might not work for a network audience, and NBC has a more traditional legal pilot to consider as well.  The Rashomon twist for Prism makes me think of another NBC show, Boomtown, which dropped the concept after one season.

Published by Andrew Clendening