Pilots are being selected, rumours are flying, and I’m not exactly thrilled with a lot of what I’m hearing.

Spoiler TV reports that ABC is getting back in business with Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives.  This time around he has a crime show, one that takes place in a small Southern town rocked by a shocking act of terrorism.  Reba McEntire will play the town’s sheriff, who will be forced to team up with an FBI agent of Middle Eastern descent to uncover the secrets of her town.

ABC also has its first comedy pilot lined up, with Felicity Huffman and Courtney B. Vance set as the leads.  Libby & Malcolm follows opposing political pundits who also happen to be married with kids.  Season Zero is a big fan, and while I don’t watch that many comedies, I can see the appeal.

Season Zero has also released a new “Pilot Whisperer” column, reporting the latest rumours about what the networks will turn to next.  The next ABC drama to be picked up might be DTLA, about a celebrity chorographer who trains a protégée while fighting to protect her secrets.   Meanwhile CBS is inching towards a pickup of Magnolia Springs, the story of a small town Sherriff and his teenage son teaming up to solve crimes.

It looks like NBC is going to run with Salvation, following the staff of a hospital during a flood.  An interesting concept, but which seems like it would have a limited life span.  The opposite would seem to be true for the dramas NBC is said to be looking at, lawyer show Blood Defense and cop show Family Honour.  These two seem like shows we’ve seen many time before, but if they manage to find an audience they could stick around for a long time.

Fox is said to be looking to pick up DC Comics show Black Lightning, as well as their untitled Marvel comics show about a family that goes on the run when their children begin to develop mutant powers.  Its not that I dislike the idea of these shows, but I feel like their original genre concepts might be better options than a new DC or Marvel show.

The CW is just getting started, but reportedly the Charmed prequel is the best bet for a pickup.  Honestly, the more I think about this concept the less I like it.  Will a Charmed prequel fare any better than the Sex and the City prequel the net went with a few years ago?  Personally, I also suspect the net is likely to run with Rob Thomas’ The Lost Boys series.  While having each season last a decade is a unique and ambitious way to tell a vampire story, I’m just not convinced it’s the right vampire show for the network.  I think The CW has better option than these two.


Published by Andrew Clendening