With three sources now reporting, things are becoming clearer.  Maybe.

Things do seem pretty clear at the CW, with Batwoman, Nancy Drew, Katy Keane and Glamorous seeming like locks.  I had thought the net might be hesitant to order two cosmetics themed shows, but it looks like that might not be a problem.  On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the Jane the Virgin spinoff might have a shot at unseating Glamorous at the winners table.  Neither Variety nor Deadline (as shared by Spoiler TV) mention the JTV spinoff, though Deadline does suggest The Lost Boys might become a fifth pilot to get the green light. 

Evil and the FBI spinoff seem to be sure things at CBS, with Tommy and Courthouse also looking likely.  Surveillance and Under the Bridge also get a mention from one of the articles.  Absolutely nothing about The Republic of Sarah, but I’m sticking with it being the pilot that comes out of nowhere to get picked up.

Fox seems to have five contenders among their drama pilots.  Law shows Deputy and Prodigal Son, AI show next, soap Filthy Rich, and the Jason Katims fertility doctor show.  Filthy Rich seems like it might be the surest pick up, while Variety says there is some disagreement about how the Katims pilot was received.  I figure Filthy Rich and next will get the go ahead, along with one of the law shows.  I think the Katims show will end up making the cut, though as I’ve noted in previous posts, I have a feeling it might be the next high profile flop.

At ABC, Stumptown and the NYPD Blue reboot seem to be the drama frontrunners.  The new New York Undercover is also getting some major buzz, though Deadline suggests that it might only go to series if ABC drops The Rookie. Heart of Life and the Heather Graham stalking show also seem to be very much in the mix.  Interestingly, Variety suggests The Baker and the Beauty might be a likely pickup, while failing to mention Stumptown.  Deadline notes that the early buzz for Triangle is good, but reiterates that there might not be a choice made on the show until after the upfronts.  I’m guessing Stumptown and NYPD Blue make the cut, but New York Undercover is passed over.  The stalker show, Triangle, and Heart of Life will also get the green light.

Deadline sees Council of Dad’s, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Bluff City Law as the frontrunners at NBC.  Variety concurs with this, but doesn’t mention Lincoln, which Deadline note is also in the mix.  The Hollywood Reporter goes in a completely different direction, saying Prism and Emergence are the most likely pilots to get the green light.  So who’s right?  I suspect Council, Zoey and Emergence will all hit screens next season, with the net choosing one or two of law shows Bluff City, Lincoln, and Prism.

Published by Andrew Clendening