What have the nets picked up so far?

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the projects going forward at ABC.  The Hypnotist’s Love Story was my top pick amongst the thriller/conspiracy shows, even if the protagonist does seem to be a dolt, being happy that she might be targeted by a stalker.  PI show Stumptown could be fun, and I’m also intrigued by the Bermuda Triangle show, thought also a bit nervous.  It sounds like something that could have been put together more because it seems a bit like former ABC hit Lost, as opposed to it just being a great project on its own.  But we will see.  The other pilots chosen so far don’t really interest me.  I’d like to see The Marriage Lie get a shot, but it feels like the net may have chosen Hypnotist over it.

CBS is looking at the sci-fi/supernatural field this year, green lighting two different projects in the genre.  First we have a modern day Frankenstein show about a cop who is resurrected by Victor Frankenstein.  It feels rather tired, especially since the pitch initially didn’t mention Frankenstein at all, following a murdered cop who comes back in the body of another cop, suggesting that all of that was thrown in at the last minute to appeal to the nets that are looking for name recognition with their shows.  Evil follows the typical skeptic and believer team up, with a third party surprisingly along for the ride in the person of a construction worker.  I’d definitely pick this one over Frankenstein.  Otherwise, the story of a town that claims independence could be interesting, and I’m shaking my head at the FBI spinoff.

The CW has pretty much gone in line with my predictions, going forward with Batwoman and Nancy Drew, a supernatural show and a few dramedy/soap options to choose from.  OF the latter group, Glamorous seems like it could be the most interesting, but is probably at a disadvantage as a completely new project going against a couple of spinoffs.  As for the supernatural show, I have the same concerns about The Lost Boys as I did about Triangle.  Is the show really a good option on its own two feet, or does the net like that it takes one part Supernatural (two brothers) and combines it with one pat TVD/Originals (vampires)?  I’d like to see one more supernatural pilot get a shot, like The Cove.

Fox hasn’t made many moves so far, picking a soap and a procedural.  I’m still hoping to see the Dean Koontz adaptation Strangers or the family treasure hunt show get a pilot, but so far there’s not much to say about this network.

NBC has so far been a bit disappointing, with none of the supernatural projects getting sent to pilot yet.  Conspiracy show Emergence might have a genre twist, but I’d still like to see at least on of Cul-de-Sac, the Grimm spinoff, or The Black Tapes get a shot.

Published by Andrew Clendening