Finally I have completed one of the baby blanket that I was supposed to have completed by last December. But nonetheless I have finally finished it.  It measures 36" x 36" . Since I don't have a baby (I'm single)  I still have no idea to what age will this baby blanket fit but I still remember seeing one photo on  Instagramby @thelittlewickerbasket showing the sizes of baby blankets suitable for different ages. Mine might fit for strollers I guess, just that its a square instead of a rectangle .Screenshot_2015-09-25-20-27-00.png

        I didn't follow any pattern for this one I just went with the flow. Anyone can do this as its made of granny squares alone. Its a simple baby blanket made with a one big granny square of one color & the small granny squares, 7 on each side joined with a  ladder stitch and added 3 rows of border to give it a finished look.








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