First time to Chinatown – Weeee, look at me! If you haven’t been here, you should go check it out. This area is kind of a secluded, artsy place with a lot of culture. You don’t need to venture too far in to Chinatown to get a good feel for it. If you’re curious, just peek your head in the door, to see what goes on here. I recommend the Keefer Bar! It’s just a few blocks down from Crosstown, and, literally, one of the first places you stumble onto when you happen upon Downtown-Chinatown.

The Keefer Bar is a mysterious place, covered by a black canopy, and they only use task lighting - the kind of lighting that gets you in the mood and helps you drink - so look carefully or you’ll miss it. That’s the secret to doing drinks in Vancity; keep your newcomer fascination attitude toward it all, look for the fun ones, and it never gets old. The city is like a work of art – Cheers to all you young-at-hearts! To find this one, just keep walking up Keefer St. until you discover the small patio, with the cute, little fire pit out front. It's between Main and whatever - just keep walking until you find it. The Keefer Bar is modest and understated, so you need to take the initiative to approach it. It’s like searching around in a dark bar, trying to find a proper guy (or girl). Find it, and you’ve just solved all your problems. At least for tonight.

Complete with local DJs spinning their tunes and artwork tiling the ceiling, this isn’t the place to hold back on drinks. Even the lights look like test-tubes; I’m still not really sure what we drank, but it was fun. When you get here, go for something different. There are all kinds of choice drinks to find, it’s kind of like a Bachelorette Party-Scavenger Hunt. Here’s your list (it’s only short, you’ll win):

  1. Find the Keefer Bar
  2. Find and Order the drink with the Sparkly Cup

That’s right. The best part is sparkly-drink-cup, pink drink. Pink drink. Silver Sparkles. Order one of these bad girls, and you’ll feel starry eyed. Drink it, get some of the sparkles on your lips, use them to cover up the bags under your eyes – whatever. It has sparkles, Bar-Star! Drink Up. Then, take a picture of it and post it online to show everyone how much fun you’re having. Drinks with Glitter, belong on Twitter.

Cocktails are on special all day long – so what the Keefer Bar is basically saying to you is: It’s Always Happy Hour in Chinatown! Listen carefully; They’re subtle. And when you’re out in Chinatown, you also need to watch out for this:


That means your glass is empty. So, if that’s not enough hidden treasure for you, Shipwreck, they also have “Sharing Drinks.” Save more, pour for four. All of the following are 4 for $20:

-Kaffir Lime Pie

-Honey Pot

-Red Lantern

-Bonus - 6 Minis of Asahi – Matchieees!

Birds of a feather drink together.

So make sure you go with 4-6 friends, have some fun in Chinatown before heading out, or make a night out of this place, and you can all save money doing it. Go find the Keefer Bar, located at 135 Keefer St - Vancouver, BC.

It’s a ‘Keef’er!

Published by Jennica B.