Pink for October

October is beautiful month filled with pumpkin spice lattes, colourful leaves and scary Halloween costumes. For women however, October means slightly more than just endless candy and celebration. In US alone, 1 in 8 (12%) women develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. October is the month that represents the fight against the breast cancer and supports the survivals of the illness. 

Cancer has taken away numerous lives that ended earlier than should have. A lot of people out there in the world are fighting against the disease as we speak. As a woman, I am subject to the disease, as you never know what the future holds for you, and I take everything around this seriously. As a person, I am sensitive to cancer in general, as I have lost close to heart people to the incurable disease. 

October is dedicated to breast cancer, and I just want to take a minute and think about this. The disease kills millions of women out there, and it hurts my heart to know that some daughters are unable to have mother-daughter experience due to an early loss of their parent. Or to know that a sister is left alone after the other sister is in hospital fighting through chemo therapy. Of course, as we go through life there are more and more medical and scientific discoveries that allow us to move forwards and fight the disease. 

Today, I just want to dedicate this post to anyone who has lost someone to cancer, is currently fighting cancer or someone who has been affected by disease in one way or another. Stay strong, don't turn away from your family (this is the strongest support system you will ever get). Family can be too much at times, but at times like these family is the most reliable support system! Just have faith, because we all have faith in you and I personally believe that sometimes faith gets us through the toughest times.

Published by Karina Saakyan