Gender equality is a major social focus in our culture today. With gay rights and feminism both being in the spotlight, many (honestly I'd say most) people claim to be all for gender equality. They believe in being free to express who you are regardless of gender.....except the color pink. That's for girls. Just the other day, I was speaking to my usually open-minded family about decorations for my baby. My mother, being crafty, has been making a Disney blanket for them. She then asked anxiously when we would find out the sex so she would know which color to use for the fabric. I asked why it mattered, and she pointed out that of course I wouldn't want pink if it was a boy.

I was thrown back.

The woman making my baby a Disney blanket, which by the way is covered in disney princesses, was pointing out that while if I had a girl she could have any color, if I had a boy I would have to avoid the color pink and sexually categorize him. Based on his genitalia....

Let me make this very clear: this is a newborn baby we are talking about. Implementing hyper masculine ideals on him based on his genitals is disgusting.

This is a prime example how women are still considered below men, and men are then forced to act a certain way to maintain above them, trapping them socially as well. Regardless of the sex, she already bought my baby Cardinals sports outfits, even if it is a girl. But if it is a boy, God forbid he wear pink, because as she pointed out, people might think he is a girl! He is a boy, how offensive if you call him a girl!

One more quick example: my ex husband and I had been talking about tools. He said the yellow ones at the house were for men. I asked what about women like me who were the builders and fixers at the house? His answer: that's why they make pink tools.

Pink is a prison for women and men alike. It is a symbol to women that they are weak, and that men, who obviously don't wear it, are strong. If we want to free the genders we must free the color pink. It is still considered the scariest color. Let's make pink a beautiful color again.

Published by K. J. Cordova