Step aside peanut butter (although you will always be my favourite) and make way for pistachio butter! 

Super simple recipe as it only requires 2 ingredients - pistachios + water. I found some pistachios in the back of the cupboard whilst looking for porridge flavour inspiration, and thought 'if you can make almond butter, cashew butter and peanut butter, why not pistachio butter?' and hey presto, pistachio butter was made (its probably a thing already i've just never tried it myself). 

It tasted so good with my pistachio and honey porridge, especially with a little dark chocolate to top it all off! 

Pistachio Butter recipe:

Simply blitz some unsalted pistachios (without the shells of course) in a food processor until a very fine powder forms, this will probably take a few minutes. Stir in cold water little by little until it reaches your desired consistency- the amount of water needed will depend on the amount of pistachios used, I only made enough butter for one bowl of porridge so didn't need much water at all!

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Published by Maddy Kent