Skin looking a little lifeless or dull? Do you have dark spots that just don't seem to wanna go away? Does your skin need some evening out? Then you need a bottle of Pixi beauty's Overnight Glow Serum ($24 for 1.01oz glass bottle) glamour babes!

Let me tell you what this holy grail of an overnight serum can do for you! I sound like such a cheesy salesman right now, don't I? Lol!

*Formulated with 10% Glycolic Acid and Arginine, the two gently exfoliate the skin as you sleep, and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and fade dark spots over time revealing a brighter complexion.
*Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extracts soothe skin during the exfoliation process, and vitamins A,C,E nourish. 
*Gentle and effective for all skin types.
*Vegan and Cruelty Free!

Put it all together and what do you get?! A clear, lightweight, medium gel like textured miracle serum that is sitting on a Target shelf waiting for you to take home. I love this stuff, and I cannot believe how well it works. My skin is oily, sensitive, uneven, and acne prone with a good amount of acne scars, which is only because of my doing. I am a picker, such a terrible habit, I know. It's ok though, I have Pixi's overnight glow serum taking care of everything. You only need to use this at night, anymore than that and I think it will dehydrate the skin due to the Glycolic Acid. It absorbs quite quickly when applying, and does not leave skin feeling super tight or irritated. I have been using this for a few months now, and the skin transformation is unbelievable. It didn't happen overnight, but gradually overtime you will see the payoff. My skin has a more even, brighter, smoother feeling/looking complexion, and my acne scars have diminished by 85%. 

You can layer skin care products with this facial serum if need be, a little goes a long way, remember that. One bottle so far has lasted me about three months. I use the overnight serum with a Benzoyl Peroxide acne cream, and it still surprisingly moisturizes my skin nicely without causing more breakouts, or creating dry skin patches for a concentrated gel. My only issue is with the glass dropper. When dispensing the serum and putting the dropper back in the bottle afterwards, there is a lot of product that remains outside of the dropper, making a bit of a mess, and product loss. My tip and trick to you, is to use the serum that clings around the dropper, and then put it back in the bottle. No mess, no waste! You're $24 investment of pure liquid glow is safe. 

Have you tried Pixi Beauty? What's you're favorite Pixi skin treat that has you glowing with glee? I can't wait to share more of my favorite Pixi Picks with you! And there's many. 

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin