A thin, crispy pizza base with simple toppings is where it's at for me. It is a lot of fun to make your own pizza base and sauce and add whatever you fancy. This makes a great night for entertaining - you can make the sauce and pizza dough the night before (making pizza dough the night before works well if you are sensitive to bloating) or on the day and have your guests help organise the toppings - whether that is that they bring them, or just help you prepare them. When we entertain a group of 8+ for pizzas we use the webber and have 4+ different toppings organised. But all bases and toppings also work well in an oven.

For the pictured pizza, dough, sauce (including temperatures and times for webber and oven) and a range of other tasty topping combinations, check out: https://crichtonscoop.wordpress.com/category/pizza/

Published by Zoe Crichton