Summing up the plethora of amazing tourist destinations to a compact top list is quite difficult. Your trip to North Africa cannot be completed without taking a tour to Morocco. Particularly, Fez, Marrakesh and Meknes are the most popular cities among the tourists coming across the world. These places are full of vivid and lively bazaars, amazing architectures of the palaces and busy town squares. For nature lovers, Morocco is considered as the paradise full of natural beauty. Explore the seaside town like Asilah and Essaouira, spend your leisure days at the beautiful golden beaches and enjoy the magnificent landscapes while traveling through the Sahara Desert. For the adventure junkies, this place has stored massive attractions here. Avail a camel-trek through the desert or climb the highest peak of North America or explore the shooting place of Game of Thrones.


Located at the base of the Atlas Mountain, this imperial city – Marrakech is quite noisy, full of historical facts and atmospheric. You have a lot to see here and several things to do here. Taste the delicious Moroccan street food and shop at the night market in Djemma el Fna. Collect the local spices and artisan jewelry from here.

To explore the city’s history, you must visit El Badi Palace and Saadian Tombs here. To feel the traditional Marrakech essence, you must stay within the medina walls.

This place is relatively cheap, accessible and full of culture. It is an excellent long-weekend destination for the backpackers. Explore the amazing historical sites and culture here. The museum here will offer you the best for the tourists. Definitely, you will wish to come back here. For a quick city tour, you must include, Bahia Palace, Kotoubia Mosque, Marjorelle Garden, Jemaa-el-Fnaa and Madrasa Ben Yousef.

Plan your Marrakech Tours according to your choice which may be 3-5 days. It totally depends on how you travel.

The Game of Thrones location:

Some of the most popular scenes from Game of Thrones were shot here. The stunning fort of Ait Benhaddou was selected for the film location of Yunkai. Here, Daenaerys Targaryan was held up to chant “Mhysa”. To reach here, you need to take a 3-4 hours journey from Marrakech through the Atlas Mountain to Ouarzazate to explore the site properly. Definitely, the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Hit Benhaddou will mesmerize you with the ancient caravan route. Not only just Game of Thrones, but Aid Benhaddou is also familiar as the other film sets including “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Gladiator”.

The Atlas Studios – Morocco:

When you are planning to stay in Ouarzazate to visit Ait Benhaddou, take out some time to pay a visit to the Atlas Studios there. Some of the most famous and thrilling scenes of the fire and ice saga were shot here. Basically, Morocco is a land of historic forts portraying amazing architectures that you cannot miss out while visiting in North Africa.

Essaouira as Astapor:

Traveling through the coastline that follows a stretch along the desert can be a distressing and refreshed experience for you, as a tourist. The stunning coastal town – Essaouira is known as another popular film location of “Game of Thrones”. For the shutterbugs, try to visit early in the morning to avoid hundreds of tourists and get a perfect shot.

These ramparts of the coastal town Essaouira port was doubled up as the Astapor where Daenaerys bought her army of untarnished.

If you have enjoyed the whole of the shooting tour, you also can be interested in a desert tour for a couple of days starting from Marrakech. Your Marrakech Tours must include a desert safari on a camel. Explore the beauty of the natural desert here. Definitely, you will feel the actual essence here. Also, a day-trip to the mountains is a must-do here.