Brides and grooms, take note!

Is planning for a dream wedding, but is confused about your what to wear, which theme to pick, how to design the invitations and more.

Whether you want a graceful gold theme or you love dreamy beach theme, or it’s the bold hues of the wedding that attracts you, bridal markets are overflowing with the fashion-forward designs, themes and trends.

Have a look at some of the Lookbook designs that are making a buzz in wedding season and are fall’s latest trend:

Pastels Are The Color:

Whites, off-whites, and silvers are benched as the new pastels of the season.  They are romantic, elegant and give a modern yet sophisticated feel to any wedding. You can choose powder blue, pale green, lavender and silver standout decorations for your wedding. Pick the soft hues, white or nude embellishments for wedding décor, table designs and more.

Electric vibes are in Fashion!

Bring a touch of gleam and electric vibe in your wedding by incorporating bold colors to your big day. Pick strong and vibrant hues, use neon signs, props, hearts and other quirky wedding phrases to play with the color. You can also ask your best wedding catering service to bring the electric vibe to the decor and other services. 

Add a dash of these bold hues to table arrangements or incorporate this décor to curtains to grab attention. Monochromatic vases, neon floral arrangements, wedding cakes and other eatables are best option to enhance the theme.

Costume Designs

Trend alert!

The rage of high neck wedding dress is modeled everywhere in the fashion world. These gowns offer modesty of jewel neckline and are often made from the transparent material. Besides, these gowns make the perfect dress for the brides who don’t want to wear strapless but still want to highlight their collarbones and shoulders. So, if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional plunge dress, hands on to this.

Botanical Designs Are The Trend:

Botanicals are become quite popular in modern weddings! Not only because they look glamorous; but because they can instantly jazz up the asthetics and make the place look way cooler and impressive. Use them at indoor weddings to bring in the traditional touch of vintage or embrace them with foliage and succulents to craete a stunning display. The subtle colors and designs, combined with the refreshing greenery and elegant ferns will bring elegance and classiness in your wedding. 

Bows - Bold and Evergreen!

Knots, loops, bows, and even ties have been associated with wedding’s since long. Whether its the wedding dress or the bow-matched theme, these small accessories are always the trend. There are obi sashes and classy details of the bow on the curtains; you can see some oversized version of bows at the seatings to add flair in the design. Some dramatic designs also have a splash of color in the design to give the theme more sophisticated and structural, wedding feels.

Bridal trends are all about mixing elegance, style, and sophistication to offer a daring dose of confidence to bring on their big day. So, pick your favorite dress and look stunning on your wedding day!

Published by Janice Cook