Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you might feel intimidating. It is one of the most important milestones of a relationship. You decide that you wish to share your love, help, support, and every good and bad moment of your life with the same person.  Read below how to plan and prepare for the perfect marriage proposal that will surprise your loved one and will always remain an amazing memory.

Find the Perfect Location

The moment you propose to your partner is going to be one that you will both remember forever. Picking a place that is both meaningful for you as a couple and romantic is a great way to ensure the success of your proposal. You can choose a place such as the location where you two met or had your first date or where you have made an important decision for your relationship. Also, you could choose the favorite place of your partner and organize a surprise trip there to propose her.

Ask for A Little Help

A marriage proposal is an intimate and important moment for a couple. You might want to be alone with your loved one when you ask her the important question. Yet, it can also be exciting to have the most important people from your lives by your side in such an important moment. Whether you choose to propose to your partner when you are just the two of you or in the presence of your friends and family, you are going to need “partners in crime” to plan the perfect proposal. Your partner’s friends and family members can prove to be a real help with giving you advice about how your loved one would like to be proposed or what engagement ring would love to wear for the rest of her life.

Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Needless to say, there can not be a proper marriage proposal without the engagement ring. When choosing between the best antique engagement rings, you should consider the metal and the style your partner would like. We all have personal taste and preferences, so you need to pick a ring that she will wear and be looking at every day of her life.  Consider choosing the right ring size to ensure the ring will perfectly fit your partner’s finger.

Make sure the answer will be “yes”

It is not just of matter of fearing that you will embarrass yourself if the answer of your partner is going to be “no”. It is important to know that your loved one has the same wish of spending the rest of her life together with you. For your marriage to be a success, you both have to share the same goals, dreams and wishes to be able to work hard for them side-by-side. If you find your partner might be uncertain about making such an important step, you should allow her time to figure out if she is ready to commit to a marriage.

Published by Cynthia Madison