Previously I discussed SMART GOALS...Let's get to it. Ok, so you have created a SMART goal and have written it down on paper.  Now put that paper somewhere where you will see it every day.  SMART goals are not meant to be hidden.  They should be looked at and reviewed at least once a day.  When you right down your goal, research proves you are twice as likely to reach it versus when you don’t write it down.

The next important step to take is to create a real plan to attain your goal.  There is an old adage I believe 100% in:  Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

SMART goals require good plans. 

Let’s imagine you were an airline pilot and you were climbing into the cockpit of an aircraft that was meant to deliver passengers from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, CA, non-stop in 5 hours and 30 minutes. That would be your goal – short term goal – but still a SMART goal. 

You wouldn’t just get into the plane and take off, hoping for the best.  You would have filed and be following a flight plan.  Just as an airplane on autopilot must make constant corrections to stay on course, you must periodically retarget your goals.  You can best reconnect with your clear, written goals by re-reading them every morning.

It is also important for you to be flexible.   

Practice thinking about this important fact - You cannot know the exact path to your goal in advance. 

There's a key difference between knowing your destination and knowing the path you will take to get there. A typical commercial airplane is off course 90% of the time, yet it almost always arrives at its destination because it knows exactly where it's going and makes constant corrections along the way.

We've all heard the statistic that 80% of new businesses fail in their first five years, but a far more interesting statistic is that nearly all of the businesses that succeeded did not do so in the original way they had intended. If you look at successful businesses that started with business plans, you will commonly find that their original plans failed miserably and that they only succeeded by trying something else. It is said that no business plan survives contact with the marketplace.

Generalizing this principle here:  No plan survives contact with the real world.   No plan should be followed blindly. As soon as you gain new knowledge that could invalidate the plan, you must exercise integrity in the moment of choice. Sometimes you can reach your goals faster by taking advantage of shortcuts that arise unexpectedly. Other times you should stick to your original plans and avoid minor distractions that would take you further from your goals. Be tight on your goals but flexible on your plans.

And as Bruce Lee was famous for saying, often the purpose of a goal is not the actual attainment of that goal but rather having something to aim for.  In other words, be fluid like water.  Personally, I feel this is great advice for medium and long term goals but I like to set my short term goals on things I know if I work toward I can attain.

Creating the Actual Plan

Creating a plan is easy since you have the freedom to change it as needed, daily if necessary.  You know where you are now and you know where you want to get so what you need to do is write down the first few steps you think you will need to accomplish to move you toward your goal.

Let me use one of my current goals as an object lesson.  Here is the goal:

I want to obtain 250,000 followers on my social media pages, 25 million likes and be mentioned on the leading social media platforms over a hundred million times a month after the period of a year. 

I wrote down that goal on October 1, 2015 and I decided to focus on one new platform to accomplish this goal.  Tweets are sweet, pictures (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) are worth a thousand words, videos are even significantly better but truly I am best in live interactions so I decided to roll the dice and focus on a relatively new social platform called Periscope which features live streaming media.  Although I knew nothing about Periscope, I did know live streaming interactions were my sweet spot so it seemed like a great place to center my plan. 

What I did then was write out some steps, i.e.

Download the Periscope App and create an account.

Go live by my pool in a bikini and say hi to the world of streaming.

Scope at least once a day – every day as consistency is the key to all success.

Get one of my employees interested so she would scope with me because two people are more interesting than one.

Create a scoping movement within my office so that all of our efforts support and grow each other.

Integrate all of my social media pages together so people can follow me easily on all social media.

Create a basic website for my streaming activities so that people can easily check in on what I am doing as well as my entire group.

That was my very initial plan and let me tell you how it went.  I downloaded the Periscope App on October 1, 2015 and went live with my first scope.  I might have had 20 people live on my scope and I picked up a few followers.  I continued to scope daily and little by little the followers came. I had about 1,000 highly engaged followers after the first three weeks. 

I had yet to find someone that I knew I could count on to scope with me every day so I quietly just continued doing what I knew I needed to do every day.  On October 30, a friend of mine moved from Chicago to Tampa to escape the winter weather there and I told her she could work in the office for me and since I had a lot of space at my home she could live with me while she was in town.  On Halloween Janessa the Intern appeared on her first scope with me and we crushed it.  We had over 10,000 live people helping us pick out what sexy Halloween costumes we were going to wear that night.  She was so excited by the response that she created her own account that night and began scoping both with me and me with her on her channel all weekend.  By Monday when we got into the office, the excitement we had was real and one of the girls who likes to be a center of attention came up and asked us to help her.  We integrated her in a scope and then joined her on her channel and she was bitten by the live streaming bug.  After a week in the office, all three of us scoping like mad and talking about it, another joined in.  Then a fifth and a sixth over the next couple weeks and we had a movement going.  I called it a “global takeover” because we were developing tens of thousands of followers worldwide.  Now about ten months later, I had gained over 200,000 followers on Periscope alone and myself and my three main girls has almost 700,000 followers combined on Periscope.  We were becoming a phenomenon.  It was funny in May the developing team at Periscope alerted the millions of app users that they were live with an update on the app and, as expected, there was a good turn-out of people watching.  I took notes and after their scope I went live on my channel explaining the news they just scope out and get this – I had three times the number of viewers that the actual developing team explaining the same content.  That shocked me and re-motivated me even further. 

I was well on my way to my goal; patience and consistency served me well.  But here perhaps the most important thing to realize.  All along this process I had things that happened that literally discouraged me.  I remember that I was freaked out when people living by began commenting on the street I lived on.  It scared me at first and then I decided to forget it and push on.  I recall when derogatory, nasty individuals would get on my scope and say rude, sometimes horrible things but rather than be mean in return I would shower the scope with positivity and love.  My followers began policing the “trolls.”  I recall so many occasions when I just didn’t want to pull myself together to get on camera.  When I really didn’t have anything new to say.  When I felt distracted, tired or bored.  But I went ahead and did it anyway because again, and I can’t stress this enough, consistency is the key to most everything in life.  If you can’t be consistent, you can’t be successful.  It’s that simple.  If you want to practice success in your life, practice consistency.

As I continued to do scopes, my plan began to evolve.  After six months I realized that Periscope was not evolving as fast as I was and that there was a whole streaming world out there to conquer.  I made it a point to add Facebook Live scopes to my plan.  Today, the plan continues to evolve because I have flexibility but the impossible goal is well on its way to being met.

Join me on my Periscope channel anytime @mzsadie 

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